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Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto

193 releases on 44 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Galaktika Records Galaktika Records
Deep House
2007-10-16 13
Audiomatique Recordings Audiomatique Recordings
6.3K 8.1K
Tech House
2006-05-22 7
Innervisions Innervisions
151.7K 228.8K
Deep House
2012-05-07 1
Octopus Recordings Octopus Recordings
29.9K 17.4K
Techno, Tech House
2007-07-31 2
Parquet Recordings Parquet Recordings
21.2K 31.8K
Techno, Tech House
2007-11-16 10
Ministry of Sound (UK) Ministry of Sound (UK)
1.2M 2.8K
House, Deep House
Plastic City Plastic City
17K 4.8K
Tech House, Deep House
2005-05-11 10
Kompakt Kompakt
Techno, Minimal
2005-10-10 50
Suol Suol
35.1K 52.7K
Deep House
2015-01-16 1
Systematic Recordings Systematic Recordings
17.5K 31K
Techno, Tech House
2007-11-06 11
Lo Kik Records Lo Kik Records
4.9K 4.9K
Techno, Tech House
2009-04-23 12
Warung Recordings Warung Recordings
9.8K 21.2K
Deep House
2016-09-21 1
26.1K 14.1K
Deep House, Techno
2015-05-18 1
Harthouse Harthouse
278 1.5K
2006-07-19 6
GU Music GU Music
2007-08-27 1
LouLou Records LouLou Records
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2016-05-06 1
Highway Records Highway Records
10.9K 42.8K
Tech House, Deep House
2009-01-06 4
Bonzai Progressive Bonzai Progressive
Progressive House, Tech House
2017-06-05 4
Noir Music Noir Music
189K 201K
2009-03-16 1
142.2K 139.3K
Tech House, Deep House
2012-07-16 1
Suara Suara
243.7K 117.6K
Tech House, Techno
2014-01-27 1
Fever Sound Records Fever Sound Records
Tech House
2012-02-27 2
Seamless Recordings Seamless Recordings
17.5K 4.7K
House, Chill Out
2014-03-03 1
Recovery Tech Recovery Tech
4.5K 20K
Tech House
2012-12-12 1
Natura Viva Natura Viva
11.1K 7.5K
Tech House
2015-09-18 14
Natura Viva Black Natura Viva Black
2017-02-24 10
SK Supreme Records SK Supreme Records
Tech House, Minimal
2009-11-02 1
Cocoon Recordings Cocoon Recordings
695.1K 125.2K
Techno, Tech House
2008-06-30 1
Boysnoize Records Boysnoize Records
78K 91.5K
Electro House, Indie Dance
2011-03-28 1
Armada Music Bundles Armada Music Bundles
Trance, Progressive House
2018-09-07 3
Get High Music Get High Music
Tech House, Deep House
2012-06-14 1
Dessous Recordings Dessous Recordings
Deep House
2007-05-07 1
Stil Vor Talent Stil Vor Talent
138.7K 147.1K
Tech House, Deep House
2014-11-28 1
Clubstar Clubstar
2015-07-24 2
Cr2 Records Cr2 Records
155.5K 82.8K
2014-04-27 1
Armada Electronic Elements Armada Electronic Elements
Progressive House
2020-01-10 3
Anjunadeep Anjunadeep
206.1K 263.2K
Progressive House
2020-03-05 4
Beachcoma Beachcoma
3.3K 3.8K
Electronica, Indie Dance
2020-03-27 2
Kontor Records Kontor Records
609.5K 53.6K
House, Progressive House
2021-06-04 1
Voltaire Music Voltaire Music
Tech House
2012-10-04 1
Toolroom Records Toolroom Records
242.5K 166K
Tech House, House
2014-10-13 1
Toolroom Records Toolroom Records
242.5K 166K
Tech House, House
2014-10-13 1
Warp Records Warp Records
355.2K 290.7K
2012-04-16 1
Last Night On Earth Last Night On Earth
Deep House, Tech House
2022-11-18 1