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Verified label pages

Label owners are able to pass a verification procedure to get access to manage a label page yourself (edit information, links, update latest release information, upload new logotype or cover, change artists list, etc.). To confirm label owning you will need to follow a verification link sent to a public email of the record label, after we will review the verification request within 3 days.
Use this page to add own label or verify an existing:
or follow a dropdown caret near your username in top menu () > Add Label
You have to be logged in for adding label/verification.

Contribute/Suggest Edits

Users can contribute to LabelsBase by submitting new labels.
Note, label pages can be removed without notification by the first request from a label owner.
Each not-verified label page has a "Suggest Edits" option. All edits are pre-moderated before they will be accepted.
You can track edits status in your cabinet:

Update artist image

Artist image manually not changeable. LabelsBase refers to image links from Beatport or Spotify depending on label availability at those stores.
Change an artist image on Beatport:
Change an artist image on Spotify:
Update process of the artists images at our database may take up to three weeks.

Delete label page

Please contact us from your official email to request a label page removal from our database. If possible, indicate the reasons for your decision.

Can't login/Forgot password

If you've forgot your password, try to reset it by using this form:
You will receive an email with a reset password link to change your password.

If you still having issues with login in, contact us.

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