Dark Blood Label Dark Blood Label
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 3 days from now
Darblood Label founded in 2019 by L.D.U. & AZYK with the aim of introducing new techno talents. we only accept private links from soundcloud
We Are Phonik We Are Phonik
1 like · UK
Nu Disco, Big Room
Latest release 3 months ago
We Are Phonik is the sister label to 1980 Recordings. We Are Phonik specialises more on the crossover commercial house, dance and electronica.
Hard Knocks Digital Hard Knocks Digital
2 likes · ZA
House, Deep House
Latest release 5 days ago
We Are A Digital Label Mainly focused on House Music and it's sub-genres. We have released numerous artists such as "HisKing, OG Loc, KsoulRsa & Many More"
Slightly Sizzled Records Slightly Sizzled Recor...
2 likes · US
Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now 5,093
Founded in 2018, Slightly Sizzled Records is a Los Angeles, USA based Tech House record label that is owned and operated by rising Tech House star, Kricked. Slightly Sizzled Records features top releases from quality artists such as: Piem, DJ Dan, Andre Salmon, Jey Kurmis, Papa Marlin, Redux Saints, Dissolut, and more. The label proudly boasts that it has achieved seven Top 10 Tech House Singles on Beatport in their first year as well as countles...
Bass Solution Network Bass Solution Network
1 like · MZ
House, Tech House
Latest release 3 weeks ago 87
BASS SOLUTION NETWORK Multiple Genre (House Music) EYESIGHT Be the biggest house music label MISSION Offer high quality music with national and international identity GOALS Digital distribution on worldwide streaming platforms
Black Bore records Black Bore records
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 days ago 756
Black Bore records is a label of the latest generation Techno & Dark Techno style Black Bore is a Italian label created to promote the music of young artists in the largest music stores worldwide.
Party Playground Records Party Playground Recor...
1 like · DE
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 1 day from now 16
Party Playground Records have been created 2020 in need of a label to support and push indie and small electronic artists to the next level. Desperately looking for labels that would cover all the needs of an upcoming artist, we couldn't find all the requirements we felt that we needed in one place. Big and major labels liked our music but we were not famous enough, underground labels were fine but didn't care about streaming, smaller ones did no...
Somma Records Somma Records
2 likes · IT
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release no info
swerve collective creations swerve collective crea...
5 likes · US
Future House, Tech House
Latest release 2 weeks from now
MARPER Records MARPER Records
3 likes · IT
Hard Techno, Techno
Latest release 1 month ago
Italian hard techno label by Roberto Perez & Marciani.
Noixy Records Noixy Records
3 likes · BH
Deep House, House
Latest release 4 days ago 3,194
Noixy Records is a label based in Bahrain. It has a focus on promoting the best house tracks, and it also offers a wide range of services aimed to help artists develop their sound and careers. From A&R, to Copyright enforcement and music publishing.
XDMC Records XDMC Records
4 likes · NL
Deep House, Trance
Latest release 4 days ago 5
Waves.... Waves are the graphical representation of movement. Waves can move physical things, like Water can move objects. Soundwaves can move emotions, like mindset and companionships. Sound Tells you stuff, and it lets you feel things too. Everyone experiences sound in their own way. And so do we. We want to release music when we want to, when we feel something we have created is ready. It comes when it comes, no expectations, no rules,...
Dancefloor Gang Dancefloor Gang
1 like · HR
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release no info
Aural Sonic Aural Sonic
2 likes · UK
Latest release 1 week from now 463
Progressive Trance and Uplifting Trance label from the United Kingdom.
Advanced Music IE Advanced Music IE
3 likes · IE
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 2 months ago
Advanced Music is a Dublin, Ireland based Techno record label managed/owned by Patrick Dandoczi. The goal of Advanced Music is to deliver great Techno sounds (of all kinds) from artists all across the world the rules are simple if we enjoy your music we will release it. Requirements for demos: - Keep it underground. - Absolutely no cheesy tunes should be sent. - Have a listen to our releases before sending demos. - We accept Te...