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Viral Music Group Company logotype

Viral Music Group Company

Viral Music Group Company logotype

Viral Music Group Company

Αθήνα, Greece. 2013 – present
The new record company to become "VIRAL"

Its dynamic entry into Greek music discography makes a new record company with foreign specifications and all the package that an artist needs to make his work stand out.

Having a large ace in its sleeve, the physical and digital distribution of its material to well-known Digital Stores inside and outside Greece, VIRAL MUSIC GROUP comes to "rock" the waters of the discography.

Headquartered in Athens, "VIRAL MUSIC GROUP" aims to create new talents and to "house" music labels that will make a difference!

With highly experienced and experienced musicians, collaborators to make it work, having fresh and revolutionary ideas for the music and communication (Media Public Relations) of their artists, VIRAL MUSIC GROUP, will become the new record label for every singer!

"VIRAL MUSIC GROUP" has come to make your "voice"!

If you want to send us a sample of your work, please send a demo along with your CV at demo@viralmusicgroup.com with the following information:

1. Audio in mp3 format
2. Name and surname
3. Curriculum vitae
4. Telephone number

For any other information, please email info@viralmusicgroup.com
Hip-Hop, Pop, Trap, Deep House, House
General contact:
Demo email to A&R:
Booking artists:
Phone: +3021 1417 2582
Mobile: +3069 7160 9592
Χαλκοκονδύλη 35, Αθήνα 10432
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