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Dark Lab Records Dark Lab Records
7 · 7 · US
Progressive House, Trap
Latest release 1 week ago
Dark Lab Records Is An Independent Record Label.Semi Label Distributior,Publisher Worldwide Entry Comprising Dark Lab Music, Dark Lab Publishing Was Founded In 2019.Dark Lab Records Entered Global Alliance To Giving Its Artists Acces To In The International Marketing And Promotional Resources To Supported Artists And Labels.
Sound Real Sound Real
1,529 · 16 · NL
Trap, Dubstep
Latest release 2 months ago
Please send us demos via private downloadable SoundCloud links. Do NOT submit albums, EPs, bootlegs, mashups, remixes, promos and tracks with unlicensed samples! Sound Real (a division of Sound Best Group) is a trap/dubstep Record Label which began its business in 2019. Sound Real refers to a sum of artists, selected by primal standards their uniqueness and seriously taking into consideration their personal targets and artistic ambitions, w...
Jumblebass Records Jumblebass Records
328 · 8 · IN
Trap, Dubstep
Latest release 4 months ago
Here at LabelBase, we include demo's for our Jumblebass Records Group. Feel free to submit the asked genres.
Prestige Unltd Music Prestige Unltd Music
1 · RE
Trap, Reggae
Latest release 3 months ago
Prestige Unltd Music is a French label specializing in urban clubbing music, "dancehall / moombahton / reggae he is part of the Red Island Productions group. We did a lot of top 100 on beatport with the Title of Jimmy Gassel "Bella Ciao" We are distributed by a German distribution company. we only do digital. we are also under Yacast club in France for the radio and club promotion. the label director is Simon Sim's professional artist /...
Quest Distro Quest Distro
1 · GH
Hip-Hop, Trap
Latest release 11 months ago
Samol Records Samol Records
2 · 6 · PE
Trap, Pop
Latest release 1 month ago
Fundada en 2016 por el artista latino Jay Samol, Samol Records Music, Inc. (SRM) es una compañía de música y entretenimiento especializada en el mercado latino internacional. La compañía ofrece varios servicios de artistas y sellos, tales como: gestión de talentos, desarrollo de artistas, marketing y publicación de música. Los artistas de SRM, dominan una amplia variedad de estilos musicales, lo que refleja la evolución constante de la juventud...
Xpend Music Xpend Music
155 · 3 · PE
Future Bass, Trap
Latest release no info
Xpend Music is an independent record label, founded by Frank Alvarez in 2017. This label is focused on the Electronic Music genre, mainly Future Bass and Melodic Dubstep. Currently Xpend Music became a division of DAFKE Records.
Playful Records Playful Records
79 · 23 · US
Trap, Progressive House
Latest release no info
Welcome to Playful Records, here you can listen to trap, bass & mello music with a build up & drop. Playful Records is an independent music label focused on showcasing music on SoundCloud. Our SoundCloud page has over 190K+ plays in total. © 2020 by Playful Records.
Spacefam Music Spacefam Music
4 · GT
Hip-Hop, Trap
Latest release no info
AFQ Records AFQ Records
20 · US
Hip-Hop, Trap
Latest release no info
AFQ Records is an independent media group that provides full-service artist management solutions/ Music Publishing for a variety of music business clients ranging from Latin, electronic, reggae, hip-hop, and world. Artist Management Distribution & Marketing Music Licensing
AMBT Musica AMBT Musica
11 · FR
Trap, Hip-Hop
Latest release no info
we aspire to help and promote young artists into the creation of their universe and community. Until today 5 artists put their trust in our organization to manage their distribution on the streaming platforms, and complete many other services as the creation of their website or albums covers. We are proud to work with artists as ILYSH who is today totaling more than 500,000 streams and 150,000 auditors over his Spotify profile. In a way of stayin...
Who-man records Who-man records
24 · US
House, Trap
Latest release no info
Check our promotional Instagram pages: Www.instagram.com/who.man.music & / who.man.records
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