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Solardish Records

Solardish Records logotype

Solardish Records

Germany. 2009 – present
Solardish Records is a German record label for electronic dance music established in 2009.

Genres: Deep House/Tech House/Progressive House/ Melodic Techno/Afro House

Creativity is at the heart of our team and we love the challenge of finding the right piece of music.

Solardish Records was born as a platform to connect with new artists, musicians, djs, producers, their visions and their influences. It is our way to bring the music that we love and feel into the international club world of tomorrow.

Solardish Records is acting like a musical collector to energize the present and future global music industry.

We distribute your music to more than 100 digital stores and streaming services. We work together with marketing and distribution services that promote your music with email campaigns and playlist services.

Solardish Records is an invitation and an opportunity to release your music without being forced to conform with old patterns. If you have music that you think is ready to be released under our musical imprint, contact us.

Be sure your music fits our label philosophy. Original and unpublished tracks are accepted. No uncleared samples, remixes, bootlegs or mashups.

We will listen to your demo, so please make your voice heard. Don´t forget to put in a few details about yourself, including your contact information.

Solardish Records wants to create personal relationships with the artists. We aim on building a family to retain quality. Building relationships means keeping in contact with the artists, gaining mutual respect and cooperation.
Deep House, Tech House, Electronica, Progressive House, Techno
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