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Solardish Records

Solardish Records logotype

Solardish Records

Stuttgart, Germany. 2009 – present
Solardish Records is a record label for electronic music (deep house/tech house/melodic techno /progressive house) founded in 2009 and located in Germany.

We support over 120 digital stores and streaming services. We promote your music with email campaigns and playlist services.

Solardish Records is a platform created to receive new talented people: artists, musicians, producers, their projects and their influences.

Write us a message and submit your demo with a private Soundcloud link.

Be sure your music fits our label philosophy. Only original and unpublished tracks are accepted. No uncleared samples, remixes, bootlegs or mashups.

We will listen to anything you send, so please make your voice heard. Don´t forget to put in a few details about yourself, including your contact information.

Feel the energy and vibe of electronic music and follow with passion.
Deep House, Tech House, Electronica, Progressive House, Afro House
Demo email to A&R:
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