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BPitch Control BPitch Control
73,423 · 270 · DE
Electronica, Techno
Latest release 2 weeks from now
BPitch Control is a label in the truest sense of the word: a seal of quality. The BPC imprint is reserved for surprise parcels packed with music, style and identity. It’s the banner for a global network of friendships, creative relationships and – let’s not forget – parties. In short, BPitch Control is a strong brand for strong personalities.
Music High Court Music High Court
15,855 · 75 · US
Dubstep, Electronica
Latest release 1 day from now
Electronic music Record Label, Tastemaker and Live Experience brand pushing and showcasing emerging sounds & artists to help people discover fresh music worth their attention. Stream all our releases here: open.spotify.com/playlist/4CeFLCI04v3BLmWpQiayjw
R&S Records R&S Records
81,285 · 123 · BE
Latest release 1 week from now
R&S Records is an independent record label. Founded in 1984 in Ghent, Belgium.
Life And Death Life And Death
106 · IT
Deep House, Electronica
Latest release 4 hours from now
The common thread that links everyone in involved in Life and Death is something beyond just their specific talents. Yes, everyone involved is talented, as musicians, dj's, promoters, yadda, yadda, yadda. But what defines them is also something else. Each one in their own way, they are all true party instigators.. the fault of some crossed wires in the back of their brain perhaps, or maybe not enough sunlight as children, who can say. But they ar...
Evosonic Records Evosonic Records
1,830 · 28 · DE
Deep House, Electronica
Latest release 1 week from now
Evosonic was the world's first independent niche broadcaster for electronic music, which was to receive via cable and satellite from 1997 to 1999. Evosonic did not submit to the conventions of format radio stations, but admits his music editors and DJs lots of freedoms. The programs covered many styles of this new pop culture and provided high musical quality. The radio has been recreated as a medium for music. This unique concept in Germany was...
Cinematique Cinematique
9,897 · 70 · NL
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 days from now
Cinematique was found in the beginning of 2010 by Robin de Lange also known by some of his friends as the 'Manual Driver' for driving Manual Music artists around the country to their gigs. The label started as a Manual distribution label first and has become an official sister label of Manual Music since 1 January 2012.
Timeless Moment Timeless Moment
20,861 · 67 · BR
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 days from now
Record label specialized in melodic underground music by Morttagua. "Timeless music for timeless moments..."
Needwant Needwant
51 · UK
Latest release 2 weeks from now
Musical happenings that find you.
Atomnation Atomnation
17,592 · 50 · NL
Latest release 3 days from now
Atomnation is an Amsterdam based electronica label.
Black Bore records Black Bore records
910 · 27 · IT
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 2 days ago
Black Bore records is a label of the latest generation Techno & Dark Techno style Black Bore is a Italian label created to promote the music of young artists in the largest music stores worldwide.
Stay True Sounds Stay True Sounds
2,751 · 35 · ZA
Deep House, Electronica
Latest release 3 days from now
Stay True Sounds is a record label founded by Kid Fonque & Jullian Gomes.
11 · UK
Electronica, Progressive House
Latest release 3 days from now
ASTIR - A place where the artists could build a community; a place of shared ideas and off the cuff collaborations. A place where the art of music would not be lost, giving way to mass media marketing and watering down of ideas for mass consumer consumption. A record label you can once again trust to weed out the mediocre and deliver time and again GREAT music. A label by DJs, for DJs and the music-loving public.
Infinite Machine Infinite Machine
12,397 · 26 · MX
Latest release 3 days from now
Record Label based in Mexico City. Founded in Montréal, Est. 2011. Infinite Machine Showcases: EU: mateusz@disk-agency.de Americas: andres@surefireagency.com
NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) NCS (NoCopyrightSounds...
1,385,936 · 228 · UK
Latest release 3 days ago
NoCopyrightSounds is a record label dedicated to releasing FREE music for the sole purpose of providing YouTubers/Video Creaters music which is safe from any copyright issues. We give everyone permission to use the music we release (even commercially) on their YouTube videos or any other media creation. The only requirement is that you must correctly attribute (credit) the artist and provide a link to the video on NCS of the track you have used.
Earthly Delights Earthly Delights
7,542 · 25 · IT
Electronica, Deep House
Latest release 2 weeks from now
The Label of Earthly Delights. Uniting artists from across the globe, we believe in creating culturally diverse soundscapes, which capture ethnically rich musical inspirations; from driving rhythms and hypnotic percussion to enchanting melodies and often spellbinding vocals… We believe in pushing the boundaries of genres and hope to entrance the listeners and dancefloors with multiplicity of sounds.
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