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Alfonso Padilla

Alfonso Padilla

103 releases on 24 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Fever Sound Records Fever Sound Records
Tech House
2010-09-18 27
Definitive Recordings Definitive Recordings
Tech House
2005-06-28 14
Stanch Records Stanch Records
Techno, Tech House
2011-07-04 6
Big Mama's House Records Big Mama's House Records
2.9K 12.1K
Tech House, House
2010-09-22 9
Gramola.Rec Gramola.Rec
6.2K 1.5K
Techno, Tech House
2010-08-06 4
Selected Records Selected Records
9.4K 5.5K
2011-07-22 6
Cutoff Recordings Cutoff Recordings
542 1.2K
Techno, Tech House
2010-10-14 4
Complicity Complicity
Tech House, Minimal
2017-05-04 1
Mystery Train Recordings Mystery Train Recordings
Deep House, Tech House
2011-06-29 1
Not For Us Records Not For Us Records
6.8K 2.7K
Tech House
2013-11-18 1
Housepital Records Housepital Records
17.4K 4.4K
Progressive House
2012-11-08 6
System Recordings System Recordings
9.7K 1.8K
Progressive House
2011-07-12 2
LW Recordings LW Recordings
Techno, House
2014-03-28 2
Recovery Tech Recovery Tech
4.5K 20K
Tech House
2011-07-21 2
Recovery House Recovery House
2012-11-08 2
Twisted Shuffle (Housepital) Twisted Shuffle (Housepital)
Tech House
2012-10-29 5
Supermarket Supermarket
4.6K 7.5K
Techno, Tech House
2012-01-18 1
Pacha Recordings Pacha Recordings
2015-01-05 1
Six Sound Records Six Sound Records
6.2K 2K
Tech House, Techno
2011-07-16 1
Deux Minds Records Deux Minds Records
Techno, Tech House
2011-09-22 1
Sound of Now Music Sound of Now Music
2012-03-15 1
Smiley Fingers Smiley Fingers
11.5K 10.1K
Tech House, Techno
2011-05-02 4
Go Deeva Records Go Deeva Records
Tech House, Deep House
2011-10-14 1
BluFin BluFin
Techno, Tech House
2006-06-19 1