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Six Sound Records

Six Sound Records logotype

Six Sound Records

Tenerife | Canary Islands, Spain. 2010 – present
Label based in Tenerife (Canary Islands - Spain).
From tech-house spreading the concept of what is electronic music made to dance and enjoy from the Canary Islands for the World.

It begins as a label in mid 2010, and later that when he debuted in the top and main digital stores, where you can enjoy your references.
Six Sound Records founded what some young canaries with the aim of bringing their sound fresh, contemporary and pure groove to national and international electronic music scene in the world today and the future.

The label is currently preparing its return to the scene after a period of inactivity:

Since 2010 we started this adventure, being a new and unknown record label, just like its founders, without sponsors, without help, all based on hard work, perseverance and passion. We have taken this idea as far as possible during all these years. With many ups and downs, personal inconveniences of the owners and A&R, that many times prevented us from moving forward. Then there was a global pandemic that shook the very foundations of life as we knew it.

On this long road, artists have passed through here who today are more than established in electronic music, who are part of this and of the effort that goes into creating a record label from the lowest and most humble level in this scene.

Continuing with the most up to date of a list of which we are proud, being many of them regulars editing in this label. To all of them and to those who are still fighting for their dreams... THANK YOU.

Now it's time to go back, and to put everything we have learned in the past to good use. It is time to return to the essence that put this label in the spotlight. Renewed energy to face the new present and future that is to come (and new instagram account, we were hacked). And if you've made it this far reading, thanks again, leave your like, comment, share, it will be a great help for us. Stay tuned for new stuff!
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