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Den Haku Records Den Haku Records
11,783 · 48 · JP
Electro House, Dubstep
Latest release 2 weeks from now
Den Haku Records is an independent record label based in Tokyo, Japan, created in 2012 by Naeleck: pioneer of the electro trash scene. He created Den Haku in order to promote this underground music style and help Asian artists get more visibility in the west.
Mango Alley Mango Alley
42 · JP
Progressive House
Latest release 4 days from now
Since its inception, Mango Alley has showcased the most innovative international artists in progressive and tech house, featuring big names in the scene and discovering new talents. The sound of Mango Alley is a unique blend of beachside melodic progressive and intricate techno grooves. Our music is good for any weather, any timezone and any season.
19Box Recordings 19Box Recordings
425 · 12 · JP
Progressive House, Deep House
Latest release 1 day ago
19BOX RECORDINGS has been releasing various genres of upfront quality dance music since the label's founding in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. Since then, the label and its boss DJ 19 have gone on to become one of the most respected labels and DJs in Asia. "19" is pronounced "Juku" in Japanese, so this is where the name 19BOX(JUKEBOX) stems from. The concept in the name other than witty word-play was to allow us to keep supplying music on an endless c...
Alienator Records Alienator Records
14 · JP
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 1 week ago
Alienator Records is part of the ALIENATOR Label Group and focused on Techno & Hard Techno, founded by Van Dexter in 2019, based in Roppongi, famous for the affluent Roppongi Hills development area and popular night club scene in central Tokyo, Japan . DEMO SUBMISSION: • TECHNO & HARD TECHNO (no minimal, melodic, etc) • 135 BPM minimum, the faster the better • No Rookies! • Send Mail with private Soundcloud links with 0 (zero) plays, MP3 3...
Alienator Black Alienator Black
1 · JP
Hard Techno, Hardcore
Latest release 1 day ago
Part of the ALIENATOR Label Group. Our label for the harder styles like Hard Techno, Schranz, Hardcore and Industrial Techno.
Lightning Gate(R135) Lightning Gate(R135)
388 · 15 · JP
Latest release 1 month ago
Demo submission form: http://r135.net/blog/demospromos/ sub label "Lightning Gate" is to Specialize in Trance from R135TRACKS. https://labelsbase.net/label/r135-tracks
3(R135) 3(R135)
388 · 6 · JP
Hard Dance
Latest release 2 weeks ago
sub label "3" is to Specialize in Hard Groove Music from R135TRACKS.
Phased Mind Phased Mind
1 · JP
Latest release 1 week ago
Part of the ALIENATOR Label Group. Our PSYTRANCE label.
388 · 12 · JP
Trance, Hard Dance
Latest release 7 months ago
Demo: send here http://r135.net/demo-submission/ “Put genres aside, good music is good music.” Dance music label R135TRACKS was founded based on these words in 2008 by Ryoji Takahashi, a prolific Japanese producer whose works have been in high demand both domestically and worldwide. The label has been continuously pumping out releases from an increasing number of artists who have joined the roster. R135 Tracks releases frequently grab hig...
Morpheus Black Morpheus Black
6 · JP
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 5 months ago
Morpheus Black is The Second Wave's artistic vision materialized as an imprint, created to push boundaries and let creativity flow. Demo Policy: Soundcloud private links only, files must be mp3 320kbps 44.1 khz
3 · JP
Tech House, Minimal
Latest release 2 months ago
Part of the ALIENATOR Label Group. Our label for Tech House and Minimal.
Alien House Alien House
4 · JP
Deep House
Latest release 5 months ago
Part of the ALIENATOR Label Group. Our brandnew label for Deep House
388 · 20 · JP
Big Room, House
Latest release 2 years ago
sub label "INITIAL IMPACT" is to Specialize in EDM from R135TRACKS.
Morpheus White Label Morpheus White Label
3 · JP
Deep House, Techno
Latest release 5 months ago
Morpheus White Label, contrary to her sister is focused on deep house and melodic techno staying true to the imprint's vision: A sandbox designed for experimentation and pushing the boundaries of the genre. Founded by The Second Wave & Hypeblack.
Fuente Music Fuente Music
263 · 10 · JP
Deep House, Chill Out
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Exquisite, stylish, elegant, melodic, lush, dreamy, sun-drenched, sexy, urban, liquid, sensual, sophisticated. These are some of the expressions that come to mind, to describe the kind of deep house that producer, Hideo Kobayashi wants to capture with his newly established label, Fuente Music. For many years, Hideo has consistently released a cross section of top caliber, ultra-modern, original productions and remixes of silky deep house, t...
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