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I Low You records

Tokyo, Japan. 2016 – present
I Low You records is an independent label from Tokyo. The project aims to elevate quality music giving a voice to underground artists. Music for music lovers
Electronica, Ambient, House, Chill Out
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Latest Releases
For a language to come by Andrea Castiglioni

With "For a language to come", Andrea Castiglioni wanted to make an homage to the works of 2 extraordinary visual storytellers: Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira.
It is an urban album, a game of lights and shadows, where the electronic music has the control. There are contemplative moments and others more lively. I imagined being next to Daido, looking for the perfect shot, blending with the crowd, wandering through the city center to get to the suburbs. We both feel the need to put our vibrations and our pulsations in contact with those of the city, so we observe the people with their desires, excesses, their fears... we travel in a sort of constant empathy for everything it's alive.
Textures by Antoine Prost

Antoine Prost is an electronic composer and sound designer.
By mixing the synthetic textures of modular synths with natural sounds of instruments like the piano or the guitar, he tries to reveal his inner landscapes.
Yamanote loops by Mountain Hands

Who had visited Japan, knows that every train station has its own melody to announce the train departure. Mountain hands collected all these melodies and worked with them to have an amazing piece of work. Ambient, vaporwave, loopwave, all together in this incredible album.
You're searching for nothing by Mickaël Halley

« You’re Searching For Nothing » is a 7 tracks album by Mickael Halley. Every track is based on a different field recording taken this year. Each track represents a concrete moment in time or space that is codified and transformed into note with a modular synthesizer. The result is 7 analog ambient/drone soundscapes, all made of multiple abstract layers.

Three remix tracks taken from UN ISTANTE, the third album by HOFAME.
Released for La Barberia records and Riff records on 2019. Three producers from different schools and with different attitudes.
The need to change direction again. The union with electronic music and its inclinations. A new chapter. For the first time some HOFAME songs are remixed and reinterpreted.
The EP is released in collaboration with Mangiarebene Dischi
Loops and unreleased by Earthquake Island
About the album: A simple collection of loops, unfinished and unreleased tracks from the previous album (Dandelion to neon) and the upcoming album Rumi.Nous. The publication of this album has the mere purpose of being able to support and help the Italian medical structures in these difficult times.
Videoludic by Andrea Castiglioni

Are video games art? Of course they are, they are one of the most complete forms of art that exist.
Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era by Elastic Colors (aka Electronic Colors)

From the mind behind Grant Summer, Olivia Summer and Dave Summer, a 14 tracks album about future and past. A journey on a flying VHS in dreamy sounds and neon landscapes, celebrating the Cyberpunk culture of the 80s. Inspired to cinema masterpieces such as Akira, Blade runner, Ghost in the shell and yet true artists like Carpenter, Tsukamoto or Joe Hisaishi, this album will bring you in a new land unexplored by the ambient music.

The whole album has been recorded on a VHS cassette tape, then transferred on an audio tape and finally mastered on the computer again. This to have the typical vintage sound and noise of the 80s... the great magic we like.
Soundtrack for the city of Tokyo by Andrea Castiglioni

“I’ve never been to Tokyo, but since dreaming is free, I picture it like this.”
For this album I set out to make music able to bring the listener to the streets of a big metropolis, make them feel that blend of emotions that only come when you walk in a unknown place: agitation, fear... but also a sense of safety and hope. I imagined music heavy like a skyscraper but at the same time light like the neon in Tokyo that works at night but fades with the daylight. Music that is hyper-technical, but also natural. Tokyo seems to be the perfect picture of these moods.
Being a lover of soundtracks, this album has been strongly influenced by “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola, one of my favorite movies. The atmosphere from the movie suggested which direction I should take for the album, the images and sounds constantly inspired me.
Mel Jade by jade383

Exhilarating melodies with transient showers, birds, children who immerse us in an impromptu sound.
This fragment is revived by sounds forgotten or neglected by the noisy flows of the moment.
A poetic pause in this ‘Over data’ that tends to erase silences.

Paul Kerdommarec has been making electronic music since 2014, obsessed by experimental, weird and poetic music, movies and all other types of art. He is always aiming to create something original, personal and interesting. Paul had been studying conceptual and concrete music during 3 years at the art school of Valence (France), where he discovered a few artists that inspired and motivated him to create. He is now studying sound design in Montpellier, where he is able to learn more about techniques and texturing sounds.