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Ziris Records

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Ziris Records

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"Printemps" (11 months ago)
Marseille, France
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Who are "Les Ziris" ?

The Band was created in Marseille, France in 2005 by Zirio & Ysis, two electronic music composers.They are joined by MacGregor (Dj & Composer in Lille, France), in order to try and experiment the long-distance music creation (thanks to Internet).

In 2007, Zirio plays a first Live/Set with Fainst, a Dj from Marseille, France. Here is the beginning of an interesting collaboration, which leads first to a serious Live Act, perfect for the dancefloor, and then to the creation of the Ziris Records Label in 2009.

What is "Ziris Records" ?

Ziris Records opens its doors as a netlabel, in a time of great change for the music industry.
Starting a music label producing only mp3s is then a well-thought out decision.
Ziris Records bet on legal downloading because of this report: selling CDs has become really risky and difficult.

The first aim of the label - besides phonographic production - is to promote independent artists who are not well known yet and to help them in their development, particularly by making them work with renowned artists, thanks to remixes or other collaborations.
The label was also created to take part in and help the development of the cultural movement stemming from the current music scene.
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