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Bree Records Bree Records
1,199 · 10 · FR
Electro House, Tech House
Latest release 1 day ago
Bree Records is a record label founded by Umbree in 2018.
AMS Recording AMS Recording
4 · 5 · FR
Future House, Progressive House
Latest release 2 days ago
AMS Recording is France Future House , Progressive House Electro House and Hip Hop record label founded by Mathieu Angloma in 2018.
Futureplay Futureplay
461 · 16 · FR
Dance, Electro House
Latest release 2 months ago
French Electro/Dance Label / Big Brother ==> Airplay Records FuturePlay est un label indépendant de musique dance et électro pour les clubs au savoir-faire inspiré des labels Airplay Records, Panic Records, Black Station et On Records.
Lost On You Lost On You
7,315 · 63 · FR
Techno, Deep House
Latest release 11 months ago
Lost on You is the first electronic record label and benefit program to donate all money raised from the album sales to help with the fight against malnutrition, better health, and sanitary problems in the poorest parts of Africa.
Ebisu Ebisu
134,003 · 43 · FR
Dance, Future House
Latest release 1 week ago
Hello @EonityMusic’s sailor! Get on board and be prepared for a comforting journey on the warm ocean of Ebisu, where you will discover the ultimate energy that unites us all. ∼Connected by Music, United by Passion∼ ♥ At Ebisu, we're looking to release quality tracks of the following genres: Future Bass, Progressive House, Future Bounce and Future House. In fact, we’re looking for the type of music that has a warm and lovely vibe, to spread po...
KXR Records KXR Records
7 · 3 · FR
Progressive House
Latest release 3 days ago
Klude & Ryan Presents KXR Records. Send your demo via a SoundCloud link (and make it downloadable) : kxrrecords@gmail.com
Unknown Pleasures Records Unknown Pleasures Reco...
3,523 · 40 · FR
Electronica, Rock
Latest release 11 months ago
In December 2013, franco-spanish artist, DJ, musician and singer, Pedro (aka HIV+) found a new music label called Unknown Pleasures Records for to promote cold wave, post punk, minimal wave, synthwave, neo shoegaze, techno po, EBM & new industrial music. These days, too many music labels churn out music in order to sell soap, clothes, cars or perfume. We spit from a great height on the idea of a system that reduces music to a minor role. Musi...
1,970 · 4 · FR
Metal, Hard Rock
Latest release 4 days ago
INFERNÖ Records is a Hard-Rock & Heavy-Metal Label & Mailorder based in France ! We release & distribute OLD-SCHOOL Metal only !
Fever Recordings Fever Recordings
4,890 · 30 · FR
Latest release 1 year ago
Founded in 2018 by techno artist @BFVR, Fever Recordings was created to release original and quality techno productions engineered for the dancefloor. We are looking for Hypnotic techno, send your demos
Junction Records Junction Records
17 · FR
Latest release 1 week ago
Born from the aspiration to influence and embody a generation in which electronic music became much more diverse and blended, Junction Records experiments with a varied roster of artists not only blending percussive, groovy, dark, warm techno but also going back to its core whilst achieving a more organic sound. Separated in two projects, Junction and Junction White, we work on more experimental sounds and blends on Junction releases while Juncti...
Wasp Records Wasp Records
4,351 · 44 · FR
Big Room, Progressive House
Latest release 1 year ago
Edm Label Founded in 2017. Genres accepted : Big Room, Progressive House, Future House, Psytrance, Hardstyle.
Silent Koalas Silent Koalas
53 · 16 · FR
House, Deep House
Latest release 11 months ago
Silent Koalas is all about the groove, and casts the best of producers and remixers in this category, giving to house music the respect it deserves, it's letters of nobility. Having here and there a pinch of something different to groove the dancefloor up.
Koloka Records Koloka Records
136 · 14 · FR
Tech House, House
Latest release 1 year ago
Tech-house label from France !
Electronyze Me Electronyze Me
20,857 · 13 · FR
Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Latest release 11 months ago
Loca Recordings Loca Recordings
38,837 · 62 · FR
Big Room, Progressive House
Latest release 4 years ago
Loca Recordings was established in the Netherlands in 2015 as a dance label that represented the new generation of music producers. Our first release Heaven from Loca’s founder Thijs Degger and dutch producer Matis Lane came out on Soundcloud on June the 5th of 2015. Through the whole summer of 2015, Loca delivered about 40 tracks from talented producers from the new generation, while our community started to grow and the interest around L...
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