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Trebaltek Records

Trebaltek Records logotype

Trebaltek Records

Ontario, Canada. 2013 – present
Trebaltek Records™

Established in 2013, Trebaltek is an independent music label based out of Windsor, Ontario. Owned and operated by longtime DJ and Producer Royce G and friends from Canada and Europe.

Trebaltek Records was formed solely on bringing listeners alike more of a tradition style of house music we've all grew to love over the many years. Our goal like every label is to bring our followers something new and fresh while keeping true to the scene we are catering too. Since 2013 we have worked hard to bring fans young and old a great selection of grooves with quality you could appreciate, and has managed to gain more and more support along the way by many industry professionals and vary supportive fans, and continue to do so for the next years to come.

We feel out of all the identical labels out there, who's focus is more on todays mainstream sound and how much an artist could bring in, in terms of views or how many followers they have. That it's our duty to continue the long tradition of sourcing music based on quality alone. Our focus is on house music that embodies more of a rhythmic sound, using modern day synths and catchy baselines fused with more organic sounds and percussion instruments, while still keeping it appealing to todays listeners that do not come from a house musical background. Making listeners dance and feel good while spreading our music around the globe is our only goal, nothing else.
House, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House
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