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Kiwistage logotype


Milan, Italy. 2017 – present
The most trippy label and paradise of electronic sound. Mixing chill and dance music.

Kiwistage (a brand previously knows as Kissmusic Records) founded in Italy, in August 2013, as a blog platform for new musicians and already famous artists.
5 January 2017 we launched our own label to release cool, catchy, groovy and euphoric music for your mood in the club, on the beach and in cars.
If in genres, then this is approximately mostly house music: Slap House, Bass House, Deep House, Future House, Electro House, also BassBoosted, BassLift, Indie Pop, Phonk.

31+ Million streams on all platforms
450+ Releases in catalog
65+ Beatport, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer charts
5,5+ Million TikTok views

Distribution to over 300 stores and streaming services: Beatport, Shazam, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Instagram, Deezer and many more.
Future House, Electro House, Deep House, Dance, Tech House
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Latest Releases
You Are The Key
2023-07-14 Get on Beatport
Drippin' Ice
2023-07-07 Get on Beatport
2023-07-07 Get on Beatport
Love Of Yesterday
2023-06-30 Get on Beatport
2023-06-30 Get on Beatport
Like U Do
2023-06-23 Get on Beatport
Soy Candela (Rakata)
2023-05-05 Get on Beatport
Let Me Go (Needle'X Remix)
2023-04-29 Get on Beatport
On My Side
2023-04-21 Get on Beatport
2023-03-17 Get on Beatport