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John Grand

John Grand

46 releases on 11 labels.
Label Joined Releases
sunsetmelodies sunsetmelodies
Progressive House
2016-02-15 1
Progressive House Worldwide Progressive House Worldwide
17.5K 18.3K
Progressive House
2015-12-14 11
LW Recordings LW Recordings
Techno, House
2015-07-20 3
Monstercat Silk Monstercat Silk
34K 48.4K
Progressive House, Trance
2017-04-17 1
Black Hole Recordings Black Hole Recordings
324.4K 84.5K
Trance, Progressive House
2018-07-06 9
RaveUp Records RaveUp Records
2.9K 2.8K
Trance, Progressive House
2016-06-10 1
Coldharbour Recordings Coldharbour Recordings
43.9K 21.5K
2019-07-12 7
Trance All-Stars Records Trance All-Stars Records
80.9K 23.1K
2020-01-06 1
Enhanced Recordings Enhanced Recordings
139.8K 52.5K
Trance, Progressive House
2020-11-20 3
Enhanced Progressive Enhanced Progressive
139.8K 52.5K
2021-02-05 8
A State Of Trance A State Of Trance
1.3M 287.3K
2022-04-29 1