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Rodrigo Cortazar

Rodrigo Cortazar

33 releases on 19 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Stereo Paradise Stereo Paradise
Techno, Progressive House
2013-10-07 2
We Are Here Music We Are Here Music
3.7K 756
Deep House
2014-12-08 3
Sudam Recordings Sudam Recordings
Progressive House
2017-05-22 2
Baires Records Baires Records
31 1.2K
Progressive House, Deep House
2012-10-08 1
Mandarina Records Mandarina Records
Deep House, Techno
2017-04-24 1
Minimal, Tech House
2017-05-15 1
System Recordings System Recordings
9.7K 1.8K
Progressive House
2015-12-28 1
Mirabilis Records Mirabilis Records
Progressive House
2015-05-04 4
Green Snake Records Green Snake Records
1.6K 1.1K
Deep House, Tech House
2014-01-22 1
Stripped Digital Stripped Digital
7.2K 8.1K
Progressive House
2013-06-05 1
Baroque Records Baroque Records
8.2K 8.5K
Progressive House, Tech House
2013-08-19 1
MoBlack Records MoBlack Records
8.2K 13.4K
2019-03-22 1
Natural Rhythm Natural Rhythm
5.9K 6.1K
Deep House, Tech House
2018-05-22 1
Nuuktal Records Nuuktal Records
1.9K 2K
Techno, Progressive House
2010-02-20 1
Gorilla Recordings Gorilla Recordings
489 380
Tech House
2017-10-30 1
Balkan Connection Balkan Connection
Progressive House
2011-04-01 8
We Are The Underground We Are The Underground
2.3K 4.3K
Deep House, Progressive House
2021-01-22 1
Beachside Records Beachside Records
4.3K 7.4K
Tech House
2021-07-23 1
One Of A Kind One Of A Kind
1.7K 3.9K
Progressive House
2017-02-20 1