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54 releases on 14 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Boysnoize Records Boysnoize Records
78K 91.5K
Electro House, Indie Dance
2011-05-02 2
Kannibalen Records Kannibalen Records
54.5K 71.6K
Electro House
2016-03-08 2
Turbo Recordings Turbo Recordings
53.7K 91.8K
2007-01-10 30
No Sense Of Place Records No Sense Of Place Records
Electro House
2015-05-28 2
Red Bull Records Red Bull Records
252.1K 29.7K
Dance, Electronica
2014-06-03 1
Night Bass Records Night Bass Records
22.4K 97.4K
2017-07-21 6
Lektroluv Lektroluv
12.4K 23.1K
Electro House, Indie Dance
2017-05-19 2
mau5trap mau5trap
397.6K 238.6K
Progressive House, Electro House
2017-12-01 2
This Ain't Bristol This Ain't Bristol
21.4K 57.3K
Tech House
2018-05-11 2
1.1M 3.7M
Electronica, Dubstep
2015-03-04 1
Ultra Ultra
2.7M 339K
House, Progressive House
2014-04-01 1
Fool's Gold Records Fool's Gold Records
111.6K 7.9M
Electronica, Indie Dance
2010-08-24 1
Bedrock Records Bedrock Records
92.4K 142K
Techno, Progressive House
2013-06-17 1
XL Recordings XL Recordings
109.5K 7.1K
2009-11-09 1