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Justin Prime

Justin Prime

68 releases on 21 labels.
Label Joined Releases
2.9K 144
2014-02-24 1
Skink Skink
51K 96K
Electro House
2016-04-18 1
Armada Music Armada Music
3.2M 291.7K
Trance, Progressive House
2016-07-25 5
Musical Madness Musical Madness
Trap City Trap City
1M 661K
Hip-Hop, Big Room
2017-10-06 1
Armada Trice Armada Trice
Progressive House
2017-11-17 5
Revealed Recordings Revealed Recordings
1.1M 454.9K
Electro House, Progressive House
2018-07-23 12
TurnItUp Muzik TurnItUp Muzik
19.7K 8.4K
House, Progressive House
2019-02-15 13
Protocol Recordings Protocol Recordings
265.9K 168.2K
Progressive House, Electro House
2019-02-06 1
Spinnin Compilations Spinnin Compilations
Progressive House, Trance
2013-03-20 1
Ultra Ultra
2.7M 338K
House, Progressive House
2013-02-19 2
Ones To Watch Records (Mixmash) Ones To Watch Records (Mixmash)
14.8K 53.1K
Electro House
2015-02-26 1
Dim Mak Records Dim Mak Records
408.2K 558.9K
Electro House
2014-04-01 2
Armada Music Bundles Armada Music Bundles
Trance, Progressive House
2015-04-20 8
Spinnin' Records Spinnin' Records
6.6M 1.7M
Electro House, Big Room
2013-03-01 3
Black Hole Recordings Black Hole Recordings
324.4K 84K
Trance, Progressive House
2019-06-28 3
Tiger Records Tiger Records
18.4K 28.4K
2014-06-11 1
2-Dutch Records 2-Dutch Records
22K 16.9K
2012-01-09 4
Smash The House Smash The House
287.3K 138.9K
Electro House
2019-09-20 1
Magik Muzik Magik Muzik
2013-08-05 1
Peak Hour Music Peak Hour Music
13.2K 14.6K
Progressive House, Hardcore
2020-10-28 2