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Red Axes

Red Axes

66 releases on 29 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Crosstown Rebels Crosstown Rebels
167.4K 143.8K
Deep House, Tech House
2015-12-04 2
Correspondant Correspondant
17.1K 26.2K
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2013-06-17 11
Clouded Vision Clouded Vision
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2012-12-03 2
Les Disques De La Mort Les Disques De La Mort
2015-04-20 1
Days Of Being Wild Days Of Being Wild
2012-12-17 1
Toy Tonics Toy Tonics
Deep House
2017-03-10 3
Permanent Vacation Permanent Vacation
18.6K 49.6K
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2016-03-04 4
Life And Death Life And Death
Deep House, Electronica
2017-10-06 5
Comeme Comeme
38.2K 71.4K
Techno, Indie Dance
2018-05-18 1
Exotic Refreshment Exotic Refreshment
2.9K 6.8K
Deep House
2019-06-24 2
Opilec Music Opilec Music
3.2K 1.2K
Techno, Electronica
2019-01-14 2
Turbo Recordings Turbo Recordings
53.7K 91.8K
2016-07-29 1
Because Music Because Music
49.9K 18.3K
Electronica, Indie Dance
2017-04-28 1
My Favorite Robot Records My Favorite Robot Records
Deep House, Tech House
2014-07-28 1
Ultra Ultra
2.7M 339K
House, Progressive House
2018-11-16 1
Kompakt Kompakt
Techno, Minimal
2014-05-05 3
Rebirth Rebirth
10.2K 10.2K
Deep House
2017-04-10 4
Recovery Tech Recovery Tech
4.5K 20K
Tech House
2011-12-07 2
Culprit Culprit
33.2K 30.5K
Deep House
2016-07-18 1
Pets Recordings Pets Recordings
Deep House
2015-12-04 2
Eskimo Recordings Eskimo Recordings
18.8K 46.6K
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2016-05-30 3
Yoshitoshi Recordings Yoshitoshi Recordings
26.4K 22.6K
2018-04-06 3
Bedrock Records Bedrock Records
92.4K 142K
Techno, Progressive House
2019-05-03 2
Innervisions Innervisions
151.7K 228.8K
Deep House
2016-07-29 1
Cocoon Recordings Cocoon Recordings
695.1K 125.2K
Techno, Tech House
2019-08-23 1
Voltaire Music Voltaire Music
Tech House
2017-12-07 2
Skint Records Skint Records
17.5K 15.8K
2021-06-11 1
Lektroluv Lektroluv
12.4K 23.1K
Electro House, Indie Dance
2013-10-07 1
Razor-N-Tape Records Razor-N-Tape Records
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2022-06-01 2