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Agua Y Sed

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Agua Y Sed

Latest release
"Cosas Wenas" (1 year ago)
Deep House, Minimal
Santiago, Chile
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Agua y sed is a deep house, minimal & healthy club music label based in Santiago de Chile since 2009 by @solisolisolis & @javiermasque

First of all, let me say this, it’s really not about the technology. It’s about honesty. It’s really about creating from your heart. Creating from the standpoint of wanting to provide a service for humanity, because you care.The second thing is to be aware that it’s your humanity that makes the music, not the chops that you have playing an instrument, or how much you technically know about music. Music is about something a lot deeper than that. Music is really supposed to tell a story about life. So, that’s where your humanity is involved. It’s not just going to school and studying music, which is very important and I encourage that, but not keeping your head stuck in just “being a musician.” If you are connected directly to humanity, you can come up with groundbreaking new ideas that are the beginning of a new pathway, not just the continuance of a path that was set by someone else. This way, you can set a path, and that’s important.

(Herbie Hancock)
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