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Grrreat Recordings Grrreat Recordings
16 · CA
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 6 months ago
Grrreat Recordings is Montreal based electronic music label releasing unique, innovative and fresh sounds.
Terracotta Terracotta
2 · RU
Minimal, Electronica
Latest release 6 years ago
Digital label "Terracotta" has been created to promote the creativity of young and talented musicians from around the world. We are interested in supporting the current trends and as the musical material to our work is to give pleasure to people.
Intec Intec
223 · UK
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 2 years ago
During its first inception, Intec Records spawned multiple hits in addition to a host of seminal club cuts and classic tracks, but true to its innate drive and passion, is now pushing on into a new era with a second incarnation. Having re-launched in digital form in February 2010, Intec Digital has quickly re-established itself as one of electronic music’s most forward thinking imprints. Whilst still maintaining the same dedication to quality tha...
Amazing Records Amazing Records
4,236 · 23 · IT
Latest release 2 years ago
Amazing Records is the brainchild of MiniCoolBoyz, two of the most acclaimed Minimal and Techno producers to come out of the ever bustling Italian electronic music scene over the last years. Initially founded as a platform for their own music and for their countless side projects and collaborations, the label has kickstarted the career of many young new producers who released on it and eventually went on to become established names in the industr...
Audio Elite Audio Elite
4,720 · 14 · UK
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 2 years ago
Official NHB's label, with base in London, Audio Elite aims to create a new point of reference for the dance and elettronic music in Italy and Europe. In the digital’s revolution Audio Elite will search to create a bridge beetween tha past and the present, developing top artist but also new talent, accepting all the influences coming from the dance music world.
Organism Organism
27 · CH
Techno, Minimal
Latest release 5 years ago
In the winter of 2008, Yan Stricker, unable to ignore the call of creativity and his natural ear for new sounds, decided to create his own digital label !Organism. His aim is to offer a platform for artists who have the same approach to the music that he so loves and to share this passion with as many as possible.
Drumcode Drumcode
268,878 · 749 · SE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 7 hours from now
Drumcode is Swedish techno record label managed by Adam Beyer. The label was founded in 1996. Today Drumcode Records is one of the leading labels on Techno scene.
Renesanz Renesanz
10,667 · 44 · BG
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 2 weeks from now
Record label & events agency, founded by Balthazar & JackRock.
15,849 · 157 · UA
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 2 weeks from now
IAMT - only four letters mean a lot for thousands of real fans of intensive beats. IAMT as a label provides the quality of modern sound and gathers a lot of real followers of tech culture worldwide. Successful festivals and great club parties in Russia and Ukraine forced the owners of label to think about high professional booking agency for tech artists
Leap4rog Music Leap4rog Music
14,751 · 23 · US
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 8 months ago
Leap4rog Music is the label owned by such producers as Egoism and Paul Funkee. The label specializes in high quality Tech House and Techno music. The crew of the artists creates only the exclusive, interesting material of high quality, which is always in demand and popular with Tech House and Techno producers, and also with fans of these styles of music, pleasing them with its exclusive sound in the tracks all the time. Making only up-to-date...
DSR Digital DSR Digital
2,281 · 42 · HU
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 7 hours from now
DSR Digital was conceived as a platform for releasing quality techno and dark sounds. DSR Digital goal is to collaborate with likeminded boundary pushing artists.
Big Punch Records Big Punch Records
1,408 · 10 · UA
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 7 hours from now
Big Punch Records (BPR) Ukraine Techno\Hard Techno label.
Herzblut Recordings Herzblut Recordings
35 · DE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
HERZBLUT Recordings is the imprint of über-producer Stephan Bodzin. Its artistic focus is on contemporary techno music refusing any barriers.
Blendwerk Blendwerk
1,331 · 5 · RU
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 6 years ago
Blendwerk is a digital label, guide to the world of intelligent electronic sounds. Emotional sounding, melodic passages and deep rhythms are an integral part of Blendwerk Music. Preferences in style label: Melodic Techno, Dark Progressive, Electronica, Ambient.
Psidium Psidium
2 · RU
Deep House, Nu Disco
Latest release 4 years ago
Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, French House, Disco House, Synth-Pop, Soulful House.
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