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Ed Banger Records Ed Banger Records
373,814 · 35 · FR
Indie Dance
Latest release 3 months ago
Negre Marron Records Negre Marron Records
14 · 16 · US
Hip-Hop, Indie Dance
Latest release 54 years ago
Negre marron Records pronounced " Nèɡʁ / M ah rr on / R EH - k er d z " – commonly referred to as Nèg Mawon (Haitian Creole) and abbreviated as NMRS, is an Int-y [Independent internet record label] founded by Rene Guemps in 2019 (NYC), with a primary focus being on Kompa and Beat, KomPOP, and Ragga-Ton and is aimed at young Haitian Kompa musicians aged 18-34. NMRS is an independent and experimental Netlabel that produce and publish original...
Boysnoize Records Boysnoize Records
91,544 · 99 · DE
Electro House, Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
BOYSNOIZE RECORDS (BNR) was founded by BOYS NOIZE aka Alex Ridha in the year 2005. Launched by Ridha in order to retain his full artistic freedom while releasing his own music under Boys Noize as well as under different monikers (Puzique, Einzeller, Eastwest) BNR became a home for multidirectional quality electronic music. The Berlin-based anarchist collective are now celebrating 50 deafeningly successful releases incl. albums from high-ranked...
Subspace Records Subspace Records
275 · 10 · US
Drum & Bass, Indie Dance
Latest release 4 months ago
We strive to create a community for artists hoping to grow and spread their sounds. Big or small, you deserve to be heard. We have a discord: discord.gg/e3FYUQ5
ML1 Records ML1 Records
372 · 12 · US
Pop, Indie Dance
Latest release 5 months ago
ML1 Records is one of the fastest growing independent record labels in the United States. And we do it by signing only the most talented singers, songwriters, producers and musicians in the world. Brilliantly crafted songs no matter the genre. Here, it's about putting out great music. The songwriting/publishing division of ML1 Records has acquired numerous songs with legendary and iconic artists including Elton John, Kanye West, Rihanna, Alica Ke...
Permanent Vacation Permanent Vacation
49,552 · 49 · DE
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 11 months ago
Record Label from Munich run by Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich.
Because Music Because Music
18,316 · 57 · FR
Electronica, Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
Independent record label based in Paris and London: Metronomy, Manu Chao, Ed Banger Records, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Major Lazer and more.
Eskimo Recordings Eskimo Recordings
46,606 · 42 · BE
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 1 year ago
An interesting and Unique record label based out of Belgium.
House Of Hustle House Of Hustle
31,920 · 33 · MX
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 11 months ago
House Of Hustle came about in 2014 with a simple aim to promote house music with an attitude, not bound to a specific genre, more a general feeling of good vibes and pure party bangers. Our musical vision is not based on trends but rather a dope fusion of styles and a strong dedication to creatively evolve. We like it raw, dirty, and most important, we love seeing people go mental to the music we represent. Our love for the analogue sound, 808s,...
Correspondant Correspondant
26,234 · 39 · DE
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 1 year ago
Correspondant is the ongoing enterprise of Jennifer Cardini, established in 2011 in conjunction with renowned worldwide distributor, Kompakt Records. Cardini has built a reputation for sourcing on-the-pulse, progressive sound, having dedicated over two decades to electronic music. The producer, sound designer, and DJ launched Correspondant Music as an extension of her longtime residency by the same name at the preeminent Rex Club in Paris. T...
Nein Records Nein Records
16,505 · 30 · UK
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 11 months ago
UK based Label run by Tronik Youth and Ian Considine For Tronik Youth DJ bookings contact Australia & Asia Darius Bassiray Syphon Artists darius@syphonartists.com Rest of The World neil@neinrecords.co.uk Jonah Considine DJ bookings contact studio@neinrecords.co.uk For PR/Social media info etc. studio@neinrecords.co.uk
Comeme Comeme
71,443 · 45 · CL
Techno, Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
Cómeme means a body that gives itself away. Every now and then worldwide heralds of the loony beats, ritmo lunatics and self-styled electronic primitives join in for a nightlife fiction to become reality. This collective fantasy, utterly devoted to the dark side of the mirror ball, keeps a certain wanderlust. So, if you happen to have your globe at hand, let’s twist the ball around...
LouLou Records LouLou Records
26 · BE
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 11 months ago
Belgian label based in Namur, founded by Loulou Players.
Midnight Riot Midnight Riot
15,181 · 25 · UK
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 11 months ago
MIDNIGHT RIOT INFO With their super hot album compilations & 12" EP's, Midnight Riot have proved to be shrewd movers. By focusing largely on a combination of originals & the edits-not-edits sound - they've managed to catch the zeitgeist of a scene that remains hugely popular expertly moving between delay-laden Slo-Mo dubbiness, Deep House, Tiger & Woods-ish disco-house and starlight nu-boogie. The key to the success of the these albums lies in...
Roam Recordings Roam Recordings
5,561 · 28 · US
House, Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
Roam Recordings has been operating out of San Francisco for over fifteen years. Once a small local label featuring forward thinking producers hailing from the Bay Area, it has since grown to become home to an international crew of top tier underground dance music talent.
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