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RAM Records RAM Records
124,207 · 71 · UK
Dance, Hip-Hop
Latest release 4 days ago
Ram is a genre leading dance music record label primarily releasing Drum & Bass music. Established in 1992 by Andy C with the help of close friend Ant Miles, the label and business today is run Andy C and business partner Scott Bourne (Red One). Ram Records is multi award winning organisation for it's label activities, the music it releases, and the artists it has signed over the years.
Ego Ego
24 · IT
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Ego was founded by Ilario Drago (former A&R at V2 Records and Virgin Music Italy) in 2004 and is now the leader in the dance Italian market and one of the most respected labels across the globe.   EGO is a division of the Vae Victis Srl group. From its HQ in Verbania, Ego has built up a formidable reputation finding itself at the forefront of both the underground and commercial scenes in Italy and globally. Ego constantly achieves the highest p...
4,998 · 19 · US
House, Dance
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Dance | Electronica | Mainstream
K-Noiz K-Noiz
1,422 · 4 · IT
Dance, House
Latest release 4 days ago
Independent label founded in 2014 by the dj producer Andrea K
Versatile Records Versatile Records
47 · 8 · ID
House, Dance
Latest release 2 days ago
Versatile Records is a record label based in Indonesia.
Crowd Music Group Crowd Music Group
60,492 · 36 · US
Dance, Big Room
Latest release 2 months ago
Founded in 2014, Crowd Music Group is a New York City based music company and lifestyle brand which owns and operates electronic music record labels, event companies, music studios, and a music publishing division. Crowd Records, the company's flagship record label, has released music from some of the largest acts in electronic and dance music, including Morgan Page, Erick Morillo, tyDi, Dzeko & Torres, and many others. Over the past several y...
7,263 · 16 · BR
Dance, House
Latest release 1 month ago
In a beautiful horizon in the middle of the mountains of Minas Gerais, the most paradisiacal label of Brazil was born. #RevenBeats #NeverMissABeat Always presenting quality music made by rising artists from diverse dance music subgenres, REVEN ® arrives to innovate and to spread the best sounds of the Brazilian electronic scene. #PrayForReven
14 · UK
Dance, Drum & Bass
Latest release 4 days ago
UK Independent Record Label
Trap Nation Trap Nation
1,164,972 · 222 · US
Dance, Hip-Hop
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Proactively, positively, progressively changing the music industry. Founded in 2012 by Andre Willem
1,238,837 · 14 · IT
Dance, Big Room
Latest release 1 month ago
Spotify Official Playlist: https://bit.ly/ONLYTHEBESTspotify OTB References: https://smarturl.it/ONLYTHEBEST Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ONLYTHEBESTmusicrecords Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onlythebestmusicrecords YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/onlythebestmusicrecords SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/onlythebestmusicrecords TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@onlythebestrecords Twitter: https://twitter.com/ONLYTHEBESTrec Su...
Futureplay Futureplay
461 · 15 · FR
Dance, Electro House
Latest release 2 months ago
French Electro/Dance Label / Big Brother ==> Airplay Records FuturePlay est un label indépendant de musique dance et électro pour les clubs au savoir-faire inspiré des labels Airplay Records, Panic Records, Black Station et On Records.
Big Beat Records Big Beat Records
746,343 · 215 · US
Hip-Hop, Dance
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Big Beat Records is a label originally founded in 1987 by 22-year-old New York DJ Craig Kallman, where the original house sounds of the label were influenced by the city's all-encompassing hip hop scene.
sync.records sync.records
82 · 6 · DE
House, Dance
Latest release 1 month ago
Founded in 2020, sync.records is an independent record label and full-service provider from Hamburg/Germany. High quality and original House, Disco & Nu-Disco releases are the main focus of the label. Our Sister METRO is dedicated to a more commercial sound.
Dj King Dj King
11,989 · 9 · GR
Big Room, Dance
Latest release 4 days ago
2,933 · 62 · UK
Dance, Electronica
Latest release 1 week ago
The influential 4AD label was started in 1980 by music enthusiasts Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent with financial help from Beggars Banquet, whose record store chain the pair worked for.
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