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EMTH Records EMTH Records
586 · 13 · LT
Progressive House, Future House
Latest release 2 years ago
EMTH Records is a brand new independent electronic dance music (EDM) record label. We always looking for a brand new music and undiscovered talents. We will help you to spread your music all around the world. Our mission is to build a team based on friendship, trust and music. Let’s play the moment together !
Fate Music Fate Music
167 · 10 · LT
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 3 years ago
Record label by Lithuanian duo Two Figures. Music is the basis of all life. Without music, we have no meaning, no joy and no soul.
Inception Inception
410 · 8 · LT
Progressive House
Latest release 1 month ago
INCEPTION is a new digital melodic/progressive/house label, started in summer of 2013. DEMO SUBMISSION: inceptionrecs@gmail.com
Meska Music Meska Music
813 · 4 · LT
House, Deep House
Latest release 1 year ago
Meska Music Record Label. In the beginning God created the sky and the earth. The earth was empty and had no form. When God created human. And human starts create! Create Music and search for forms! We pleased to present music label with the goal to spread the vibration of dance music. With new forms and colors. WANNA BE PART OF LABEL ? SEND DEMOS HERE - promo@meskamusic.com
Ambra Recordings Ambra Recordings
4 · LT
Drum & Bass
Latest release 1 year ago
Suffused Music Suffused Music
7,695 · 13 · LT
Progressive House
Latest release 2 years ago
The summer of 2010 was already picking up its pace. Because of record high temperatures the cities were half empty with only dust and melting roads, as all the people were near the sea or at lakes, rivers, ponds and all sorts of swamps... so to say returned to the roots of life. Despite the forest fires, crops dying and people having to stay in water all day as if they were hippos, the heat wave really had some nice sides to it in the capital of...
District Facility District Facility
2,166 · 7 · LT
Latest release 2 years ago
District Facility is a digital TECHNO music label based in Lithuania. District Facility label has a vast range of Techno music sub-genres from deep, underground and old school minimal to experimental Techno. Goal of our Disctrict Facility label is to push Techno DJs, Techno Producers and Techno Music further into the world. Just in three years District Facility has made new contracts with many talented and pasionate, about Techno music, artists...
LithuaniaHQ LithuaniaHQ
24 · LT
Deep House, Future House
Latest release 5 years ago
“LITHUANIA HQ” – Record Label, Promoter, Publisher
Cloudy Moon Records Cloudy Moon Records
122 · 3 · LT
Progressive House
Latest release 4 years ago
Cloudy Moon Records is focused on deeper and darker oldschool deep prog/psy.
Suffused Polarities Suffused Polarities
210 · 1 · LT
Latest release 4 years ago
Suffused Polarities (younger brother of Suffused Music) is a record label based in Lithuania, focused on chillout, downtempo and ambient sides of electronic music.
TSRecord TSRecord
2 · LT
Latest release 9 years ago
586 · 2 · LT
Progressive House, Future Bass
Latest release no info
Emthika Records is a brand new record label for EDM scene.
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