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Sinusoidal Kollective

Sinusoidal Kollective logotype

Sinusoidal Kollective

Madrid, Spain. 2014 – present
Sinusoidal Kollective is an independent record label with headquarter in Spain and have a lot of collaborators in all continents.
We are born with the aim of launching the music market group to own artists and producers who do not belong to the, want to have the opportunity to see their tracks published in the most important platforms of digital music sales, Beatport, Amazon, iTunes ...
SK cover all kinds of sounds Club focused from the Chill or Deephouse calmer and more moved to Techno Trance music. Using the musical approach of several components of the group will assess any track to reach SK who wants to have the opportunity to be edited by the label. The artist will answer in a short time, whether it is selected or not.

Do you think that your track is ready to sound any club in the world? Can contact us and have the opportunity so be it!
soon we hope your sounds, for more information or questions contact us without any problem and without obligation.
As a musical group in SK we are friends of the hardware for our production, we have artillery Access, Korg, Roland, Farfisa, Motu among others, we like maintained productions, we have a great team-building and development and with the hand of a sound engineer, squeezing all the resources so that the end result would be tracks with high quality sound, also, if you only want mastering your track we offer this service to its realization.

Of course, if your productions are made with soft is no impediment to be published on our label.
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