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Perkussion logotype


Perkussion logotype


Madrid, Spain. 2021 – present
★ Sublabel of https://soundcloud.com/green-nights-record... & brother label of https://soundcloud.com/crazy-show-rec
★ From https://soundcloud.com/perkussion-records since sep 2021 we are always looking for fresh emerging artists as you with new music to spread.

★ Biography PR ツ▼
Perkussion Records has been founded in the year 2021. https://soundcloud.com/virax-aka-viperab, https://soundcloud.com/morena_maya-natalie... and https://soundcloud.com/rupertroman he started Perkussion Records in order to complete the Green Nights Corp. platform as a supporting tool for young artists in Electronic Music. The label philosophy is as simple as demanding: helping young producers and DJs to release their music without depending on Major Label structures. The releases can mainly be assigned to the genres Techno and House.

Designed as unique integral researching platform for studio sound experimenting, stage performances and multimedia presentation of new sonic structures, the Green Nights Corp. also appears in a form of a music label. Its whole purpose is to support the artists in spreading their creative output in the both music universes, analog and digital one. This label is the latest manifestation of the creative spirit caught in the notorious electronic platforms such as Techno, Tech-house and Deep-house which established the alternative sound of Spanish electronic music in the worldwide circuit. But as it is created from collective vibe, stuffed with technology, open to your mood, effective on sucking it in, this time the aim of the whole platform and its representation in the form of Label Green Nights is much courageous. It makes you feel above, between, inside - extremely you. This feeling is based on Perkussion.

Spanish Label since in September 2021
Find your Sound, Find your Future!!!

All material on this channel is posted with the explicit consent of the artist/labels and no copyrights are violated in any way.

★ Perkussion Records is part of Green Nights Corps. ©™
Techno, Tech House, Minimal, Progressive House
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