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"Telepathy" (11 months ago)
Granada , Spain
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Morforecs is a Label from Spain, dedicated to release electronic music.
Morforecs es un sello discográfico de España, dedicado a la publicación de música electrónica.

The new Morforecs`s Vinyls Saga starts in this new year 2013.
This new spanish label will contain a big load of electronics sides based on techno, but with a bpm range and various styles between the releases.
A big quality and seriousness bet, with some exclusives recopilations only for vinyl.
Sounds mixed from past, present, and future, will make you enjoy every new EP, this label is now powered from big names of the international scene.
The exclusive vinyl distribution of this label, will be managed by the specialized german web Deejay.de . One of the big distribution stores at all.

For the first reference Morforecs 001 - Limited vinyl edition - we have 4 powerful artists from Europe, remixing tracks from the MORFOGEN duo. Our first launch, will be reworked by the Greek sound mathematician, SPIROS KALOUMENOS, who did a masterly dark vision of the track "Brasas". Serious construction and an excelent sounds.

Also as a remixer, we meet ERIC SNEO, who did his best with the track "Mantis" giving the sounds into his laboratory, and making an absolute Dance hit, with a lot of elegance. You are now in front of another masterpiece from this german musician.

For B side, we have reserved another two more powerful tracks. An original track from the portuguese artist A. PAUL, who has a lot of vinyl lovers followers. Impossible to imitate. The track "Stay the course" is another one more proof of this. Serious and faster techno with a constant ascent, perfect for dj work!

The other track is an authentic jewel from the spanish duo called MORFOGEN. "Hi Brome" is a one of this kind of track not easy to clasify, but a lot of people love it. Dance, Flow, and you become desintegrate with this heartrending and piercing bass that make you drive to golden techno years.
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