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Green Kiwi Records

Green Kiwi Records logotype

Green Kiwi Records

Barcelona, Spain. 2012 – present
..::..Green Kiwi Records..::.

Green Kiwi Records was founded by Gerard FM in 2012. Green Kiwi offers Tech House, House, Deep House and Techno music, basically, but above all we bring in good tracks, because we love the music and the kiwis as well, of course.

Green Kiwi Records has released artists such as D-Unity, Alex Denne, Tini Garcia, JJ Mullor, Wade, Mikalogic, Diego Medina, Samuele Buselli, Jose Diaz, Sergi Moreno, Gerard FM, Alvero, KPD, Josephine Sweett, Sebb Aston, Pablo Say, D.F.K., Karlos Kastillo, Rio Dela Duna, Dany Cohiba, Adrian Oblanca, Toni Vilchez, Mixline, jUANiTO aka John Aguilar, Tavo, Sebastian Ledher and many more.

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Latest Releases
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Me In My House
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