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Gradient Audio

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Gradient Audio

Latest release
"That EP" (11 months ago)
Dubstep, Drum & Bass
Portland, OR , United States
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Gradient Audio is a record label specializing in a wide range of Future Garage, Dubstep, Down tempo, Ambient, DnB & more, Founded by http://soundcloud.com/b1tcrunch3r in 2010.

Artist roster:
3rdeye, Actraiser, Acre, Aiko, Airfree, Ak0pian, Ambur Rose, Archie Peligo, Artifact, B1t Crunch3r, Bell’s Worth, Biblo, Big Basha, Big Shine, Bleed, Blind Prophet, Bmills, Bolus, Boofy, Boot, Bricky Morter, Bunny On Acid, C-Side, Cairo, Cedaa, Chaotic Pulse, Chris Egli, Christopher Yikes, Cixxxj, Creep n00m, Cure, Cyntel, D-Struct, Darj, David, Davth, Deafblind, De Niro, DFRNT, Digital Monk, DJ Prospect, Droid Sector, Dubkind, Dubtek, Elefant Doc, Epitome, FBOM, FJH, Flatmate, Fontaine, Fornax, Forslab, Fre4knc, Frenk Dublin, Future Signal, Fuzz2k, Gerkle, Glyph, Grapes, Gravity, Grim Perspective, Grym, High Dude, Hodge, Hubwar, HxdB, Interval, iNTRiKeT, J.Nitrous, Jafu, Jesse Koolhaus, JussB, Juxta, Karnage, Kelly Dean, Kial, Kid Smpl, Killeralien, king slaFF, Kloudmen, Krone, Lamplie, Living Proof, Logam, Love The Cook, M-Waves, Maddz, Magnum, M.A.K.Z., Malleus, Mark IV, Mateba, Mayhem, Medik, Mirror State, Morning High, Mouch, Mr. Mist /Nativ(BE), OldGold, Ormorje, Outlaw Producer, Oudjat, Owl (BE), Panda, Phonetic System, Piecemeal, Polar Snares, Press, Quadrant, R3alm, Red Kartel, REKchampa Resketch, Royalston, Rubrica, Samantha Nova, Savaran, Sclist, Seanote, Section 8, Self Evident, Sephirot, Slaven, Sook, Sounds of Solidarity, Shadow Conspiracy, Shu, Shureshotz, Simon/off, Speed Camera Shy, Spherix, Standard Procedure, Sublo, Submerse, Subex, Surpass, Syphon, Tactus, Talabun MC, The Greys, Tina Marie, TZR, Vax, Vesicle, VNDL, Void, Voyage, Wachs Lyrical, Warsa, X-Zero, Xian, Ylem, & Zoobi.

You can find all of our free media here...
And also on our bandcamp page
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