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Freakz Me Out Records

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Freakz Me Out Records

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"Totem" (7 years ago)
Electro House
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After just a couple of short years, this twisted bunch of music junkies has made the Freakz Me Out label a global household name. How? By doing what they do best, blasting away the international scene with pumping beats, distorted melodies and awe inspiring artworks.

Each release by this record company is a loud and clear statement, not a cheap way to earn a quick buck. Stick to what you believe in and live by it; this is their tattooed credo. Because no matter what the supposed trends or hypes try to predict or even force onto the innocent audience listening, this eager and innovative posse does not sway from their already pre-paved road.

It is not a secret any longer, extreme club sounds are not a thing of the past or the future, they are here to stay. And Freakz Me Out was aware of this from day one, just look at their back catalogue. But why look back, if you can look forward! There is such much happening at the Freakz headquarters.
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