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Fixate Records

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"An7h3m" (1 year ago)
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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• To focus one's eyes or attention on

• A. To attach (oneself) to a person or thing in an immature or neurotic fashion.

Fixate was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland and is the brainchild of Michael McLeod (aka Jakal, Mr. Mike Holyrood).

Fixate is not only about the music but the whole package within music from the artist to the business management, booking, publishing, the extensive and hard working marketing team, fashion, video team etc.

The Fixate Team does not intend to sign artists, the team will release tracks by specific projects but is also a supporting tool for young artists in electronic music to help them be heard with the possibility of getting their work out into the real world without having to depend on major labels.

The main musical style on Fixate Recordings is electronic music but focuses mainly on techno and its sub-genres. The name of the game is dancing, weather it is grooving in the backroom or going for it in the main room.
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