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Isernia, Italy. 2019 – present
'Baxtown Records' is an independent record label based in Isernia.
The label was founded by the DJ and Producer 'James Prana' in 2019 and specializes in Big Room, Electro House, Progressive House and EDM.
Our mission is to find emergents producers and to have collaborations with already established producers on the international scene.
Electro House, Big Room, Progressive House
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Latest Releases
Galactic Consciousness
2020-03-27 Get on Beatport
Hold Me
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Chatty Chatty
2020-03-12 Get on Beatport
Nuthin' But A Dollar & A Dream
2020-03-10 Get on Beatport
Spell Chanting
2020-02-29 Get on Beatport
2020-02-28 Get on Beatport
Like Before
2019-12-31 Get on Beatport
My Signature
2019-12-06 Get on Beatport