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Bastian Salbart

Bastian Salbart

43 releases on 9 labels.
Label Joined Releases
High Contrast Recordings High Contrast Recordings
10.7K 3.3K
2013-10-28 13
Well Mixed Records Well Mixed Records
3.9K 4
Progressive House, Trance
2010-09-09 2
Ora Recordings Ora Recordings
583 4K
Progressive House, Chill Out
2009-06-09 7
Tracer Records Tracer Records
Minimal, Techno
2010-08-27 1
Deux Minds Records Deux Minds Records
Techno, Tech House
2010-03-08 3
In Trance We Trust In Trance We Trust
2010-08-30 3
Magik Muzik Magik Muzik
2014-11-17 1
Black Hole Recordings Black Hole Recordings
324.4K 84.5K
Trance, Progressive House
2010-09-20 11
Be Yourself Music Be Yourself Music
17.3K 80.3K
Progressive House, Trance
2013-11-29 2