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Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

43 releases on 22 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Criminal Hype Criminal Hype
5.8K 12.2K
2014-03-10 9
Carpe Diem Musica Carpe Diem Musica
Tech House
2013-05-03 4
Roush Roush
20.9K 17.8K
Tech House, House
2014-08-11 4
Roit Recordings Roit Recordings
968 2.2K
Deep House, House
2014-09-29 1
Lost Records Lost Records
12.8K 29.1K
House, Techno
2016-07-29 2
Suah Records Suah Records
5.4K 5.1K
House, Techno
2016-11-25 1
Rawsome Recordings Rawsome Recordings
4.5K 38.4K
2018-06-08 1
Seamless Recordings Seamless Recordings
17.5K 4.7K
House, Chill Out
2017-10-23 1
ElRow Music ElRow Music
26.7K 77.7K
Tech House
2016-02-15 1
Under No Illusion Under No Illusion
8.7K 7.1K
Tech House
2016-10-17 1
Nothing But Nothing But
Tech House, Deep House
2016-02-26 2
16.6K 16.6K
Tech House
2015-06-08 1
White Widow Records White Widow Records
7.3K 18.4K
Deep House
2014-12-22 1
Yoshitoshi Recordings Yoshitoshi Recordings
26.4K 22.3K
2017-02-24 2
Glasgow Underground Glasgow Underground
29.7K 42.8K
Tech House, Deep House
2018-03-09 4
Defected Defected
705.5K 376.7K
House, Deep House
2016-09-23 1
Monotonik Records Monotonik Records
3.4K 4.1K
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
2018-07-30 1
NastyFunk Records NastyFunk Records
25.1K 14.6K
Tech House, House
2017-08-28 2
Cr2 Records Cr2 Records
155.5K 82.1K
2018-05-04 1
Toolroom Records Toolroom Records
242.5K 163K
Tech House, House
2016-08-12 1
Love Not Money Records Love Not Money Records
7.5K 16.4K
Deep House
2015-09-28 1
LW Recordings LW Recordings
Techno, House
2020-06-05 1