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Andres Santana

Andres Santana

40 releases on 12 labels.
Label Joined Releases
sun:sun records sun:sun records
Tech House
2011-12-15 7
Classic 91 Classic 91
1.9K 1.5K
Tech House
2013-07-15 5
Soulman Music Soulman Music
Deep House, Tech House
2011-09-14 6
Kubu Music Kubu Music
10.8K 2.7K
Minimal, Tech House
2012-04-15 2
Not For Us Records Not For Us Records
6.8K 2.7K
Tech House
2014-03-10 2
Mushroom Smile Records Mushroom Smile Records
3.8K 2.2K
Tech House
2013-09-13 1
Fever Sound Records Fever Sound Records
Tech House
2012-03-30 1
SK Supreme Records SK Supreme Records
Tech House, Minimal
2013-05-28 1
Six Sound Records Six Sound Records
6.2K 2K
Tech House
2011-10-29 2
Be One Records Be One Records
Tech House, Techno
2012-04-27 4
Asane Records Asane Records
1.4K 710
Tech House
2013-04-30 1
Defined Music Defined Music
4.9K 5.5K
Tech House
2012-11-13 8