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Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz

29 releases on 12 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Size Records Size Records
141.9K 126.8K
Electro House, Progressive House
2003-12-10 3
Pryda Recordings Pryda Recordings
Progressive House
2011-09-19 6
Ministry of Sound (UK) Ministry of Sound (UK)
1.2M 2.8K
House, Deep House
Cr2 Records Cr2 Records
155.5K 82.8K
2004-08-18 9
Viper Recordings Viper Recordings
77.4K 120.2K
2011-05-30 1
Axtone Records Axtone Records
206K 81K
House, Progressive House
2005-08-05 1
Cocoon Recordings Cocoon Recordings
695.1K 125.2K
Techno, Tech House
2008-04-15 1
Yoshitoshi Recordings Yoshitoshi Recordings
26.4K 22.6K
2008-11-05 2
Hed Kandi Records Hed Kandi Records
311.1K 75
2014-11-02 2
Armada Music Bundles Armada Music Bundles
Progressive House, Trance
2010-02-22 2
Toolroom Records Toolroom Records
242.5K 166K
Tech House, House
2012-04-23 1
Afterlife Records Afterlife Records
133.7K 127.5K
Deep House, Techno
2022-08-17 1