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The Partysquad

The Partysquad

51 releases on 13 labels.
Label Joined Releases
Rebel Yard Rebel Yard
3.3K 10.9K
Electro House
Spinnin Compilations Spinnin Compilations
Progressive House, Trance
2010-06-07 25
Spinnin' Records Spinnin' Records
6.6M 1.7M
Electro House, Big Room
2010-09-28 5
Mad Decent Mad Decent
310K 6M
Electro House
2009-12-15 6
Cloud 9 Dance Cloud 9 Dance
2010-07-05 2
Ultra Ultra
2.7M 339K
House, Progressive House
2015-05-22 2
Mixmash Records Mixmash Records
149.4K 91.1K
Electro House, Progressive House
2009-03-24 1
Hussle Recordings Hussle Recordings
9K 17.6K
Electro House
2010-12-09 1
Fool's Gold Records Fool's Gold Records
111.6K 7.9M
Electronica, Indie Dance
2013-03-19 1
Vicious Vicious
47.9K 24.6K
Electro House
2013-02-11 1
Dim Mak Records Dim Mak Records
408.2K 558.9K
Electro House
2013-06-04 5
Downright Downright
3.2K 3K
Electro House, Techno
2013-03-22 1
Armada Music Bundles Armada Music Bundles
Progressive House, Trance
2015-07-03 1