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"Zavtra Budet Svetlo" (1 year ago)
Bremen, Germany
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An independent record label dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of electronic music in a digital format.

The label which knows no borders in the electronic music . Will bear its own format , something different as a new culture Minimal,Techno music . Its founders , the artists of the future : Jeff Bondin (Germany) Reagan (Russia) . These are the people who crossed two style and has acquired a new significance , bright , which will remain for a long time .

Our label is for those who want to enlarge their music collection and diversify the musical horizons of quality underground music. All releases of our label can be found at the biggest digital outlets such as Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Trackdown and many others. We welcome new methods of promotion, distribution of music and are open to cooperation with the theme companies. We keep track of new music trends and it helps us go with the times. We create music for the young, active and appreciating life generation!
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