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Feel Hype Black Feel Hype Black
49,616 · 31 · DE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 7 hours from now
Record Label with great Network! Genre: Techno / Tech-House / House
Bubblejam Bubblejam
1,136 · 30 · UK
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 7 hours from now
Owned by Jon Connor Techno, Hard Techno, & Experimental/Electro record label distributing quality digital music, Across three in-house labels Bubblejam Bubblejam Gold Bubblejam E-State BUBBLEJAM RECORDINGS releases a diverse roster of talented upcoming producers, as well as music from established artists who already are on the scene. Submit your demos via SoundCloud inbox to: https://sou...
Analytictrail Analytictrail
12,470 · 89 · IT
Latest release 1 week from now
Italian Techno label, founded in 2001 by Markantonio and based in Naples, Italy.
Manual Music Manual Music
50,545 · 84 · NL
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
Record company established by DJ/producer Paul Hazendonk in 2005 based in The Netherlands. Releasing everything from indie / pop and electronica untill fluffy warm techno on our labels Manual Music, MNL and Cinematique.
Selador Selador
20,769 · 84 · UK
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 16 hours ago
Dave Seaman & Steve Parry's imprint was launched April 2013, and likes to feature all colours of house and techno and those in-between.
Running Back Running Back
28,488 · 77 · DE
Techno, House
Latest release 7 hours from now
German label founded by Gerd Janson and Thorsten Scheu. Nowadays run by Gerd Janson.
Mirror Walk Mirror Walk
412 · 25 · TR
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 7 hours from now
Mirror Walk is an Istanbul based promising and passionate label that prospects for aspiring talents. Mirror Walk Demo Policy: -We only accept private soundcloud links shared exclusively with us. -All submissions must be unreleased and original tracks. No remixes, cover songs or music with unlicensed samples. -Include links to your facebook, soundcloud, beatport page or website -All submissions will be listened to and if we are interested...
Karia Records Karia Records
228 · 24 · TR
Progressive House, Techno
Latest release 3 weeks from now
We're always looking for new talent and are now accepting demo submissions . We only ask that you 'like us' on Facebook first. After you've done this you'll be able to use our mail kariaproductions@live.com to submit your tracks. We receive a high volume of submissions but we will get through them all so please be patient!
Reload Black Label Reload Black Label
14,652 · 70 · DE
Latest release 5 days from now
Reload Records / Reload Black Label, are an exclusive techno labels founded by The YellowHeads
Shake Recordings Shake Recordings
22 · IT
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 1 week from now
Not just a label but a lifestyle, Shake has is credo "Life is a journey,live everyday,smile for everything,dance like nobody's watching,love music as the people" SHAKE
Eclipse Recordings Eclipse Recordings
11,312 · 66 · BY
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
"Eclipse Recordings" is a new dark & techno label owned & managed by Gene Karz.
Frequenza Frequenza
14,483 · 61 · IT
Latest release 2 weeks from now
Italian Vinyl / Digital techno and electronic imprint since 2009.
Reload Records Reload Records
14,651 · 57 · IT
Latest release 1 week from now
Reload Records, is an exclusive techno imprint founded by The YellowHeadsю
Hush Recordz Limited Hush Recordz Limited
1,254 · 19 · PT
House, Techno
Latest release 7 hours from now
Black Imprint from Hush Recordz, independent international Label, has been created with the aim of releasing good electronic music out of every kind of set ideas and to discover new talents. Hush Recordz music grew into one of the leading underground Portuguese house labels of today, oscillating between different shades of Deep, House and Tech House, Hush does not stand for one specific style. But there are certain values that are common to al...
852 · 18 · IT
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 1 day ago
“We don't just make Techno, WE ARE TECHNO” we don't look if you're famous or is your first ep we don't look from where you came from we listen your music, and LETS TECHNO records info & demo: lets.techno.rec@gmail.com link: https://www.facebook.com/letstechno/ https://soundcloud.com/letstechnorec https://www.instagram.com/lets.techno.rec/ https://twitter.com/TechnoLets https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCns70r_cbzah6WzJpC36e-w
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