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Ushuaia Music Ushuaia Music
28 · HU
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 13 hours from now
Techno / Tech House music label by Daniel Blotox. Ushuaia Music worked and supported with new talented musicans.
Dantze Dantze
27 · DE
Tech House, Techno
Latest release 13 hours from now
Dantze was formed by Niconé and Philip Bader on a warm fall day in Berlin in 2006.
YHV Records YHV Records
53 · 9 · ID
Afro House, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
South-East Asia’s Record Label Releasing House Music in very unique way. Established in 2017 by Indonesian Music Director/Producer Yopi Handi (aka Yoheva). Influences by Ethnic instruments, ambient, drums and percussions.
26 · CL
Minimal, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
NOPRESET RECORDS introduces itself in the already exploited world of "electronic dance music record labels" with a clear .. working hard to raise up the scene of a collective and a musical languaje and production that we want for us to be charasteristic for sharing with the world a touch of freshness, innovation and effectivity to the dance floor. That's why NOPRESET RECORDS is stablishing as a plattform in wich any producer that considers (and t...
12,852 · 26 · IT
House, Tech House
Latest release 2 weeks from now
Disco-Tech-House Label
Puchero Records Puchero Records
1,212 · 25 · CR
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 3 weeks from now
Please only private soundcloud links!
Natural Rhythm Natural Rhythm
6,114 · 25 · RO
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 1 day ago
Horatio's think tank for musical adventurers , crazy freakz and underground maniacs....
Full Dance Records Full Dance Records
8 · IT
House, Tech House
Latest release 13 hours from now
ZEHN Records ZEHN Records
3,718 · 24 · DE
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
ZEHN (engl. „Ten“) is the basis of our mathematical system and therefore also for all other sciences. It helps us to understand and perceive nature in ways never seen on our journey to eternity and heaves us to the next level of consciousness. The human mind differentiates us from all other beings on our planet, whilst placing the burden of responsibility on us. Hundreds of different nations, dozens of diverse cultures. All of them have one th...
Set About Set About
23 · BG
Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
Tech House Record Label
Recovery Collective Recovery Collective
5,623 · 21 · AU
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 6 days from now
A Melbourne-based movement equipped with a creative visionary and an aim for providing a fresh educational vehicle within the electronic music community, by showcasing emerging artists and undiscovered sounds alike – constantly striving to increase awareness and appreciation for quality house and techno music. The Collective is a network of entities that share or are motivated by common issue, interest or work together to achieve a common obje...
Level Up Records Level Up Records
1,423 · 21 · BR
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 1 week from now
The label was created in July 2013, with the view of ​​a label to promote young people we work with amazing musicians, allowed to be heard around the world. This started a series of releases, who we are very proud to be part. Level Up Records is focused on electronic music.
Taturana Records Taturana Records
414 · 7 · BR
Tech House, House
Latest release 1 week from now
Taturana Records is eletronic music studio and label, located in Bauru, center of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Currently focused on releasing House and Tech House.
Serrano's Kitchen Serrano's Kitchen
839 · 7 · ES
Tech House, Deep House
Latest release 1 week from now
Serrano's Kitchen is Danny Serrano's Label. Danny welcomes and thanks to all artists who are working on this project. DEMO POLICY: Please send only private Soundcloud links to music@serranoskitchen.com and make sure they are downloadable MP3 320K. SERRANO’S KITCHEN MUSIC GROUP Serrano’s Kitchen Label / Serrano’s Kitchen Shop / Eat and Beat Records SERRANO’S KITCHEN MASTERING Mix & Mastering / Artist / Label’s Info@serranoskitchen.com...
Samambaia Records Samambaia Records
7 · BR
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 3 weeks from now
A Samambaia Records é uma gravadora independente com foco na música eletrônica underground, criada em 2012 pelos djs e produtores Roger Cashew e Rodrigo Gonzalez. Os curadores prezam pela qualidade sonora e não se prendem à vertentes específicas, o que resulta em um leque abrangente de artistas e lançamentos acumulados ao longo desses anos. Figurando entre gravadoras de destaque no cenário nacional, a Samambaia Records vem construindo uma hist...
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