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Phased Mind Phased Mind
1 · JP
Latest release 3 months ago
Part of the ALIENATOR Label Group. Our PSYTRANCE label.
Pranava Records Pranava Records
110 · 7 · DE
Latest release 2 years ago
Since 2014 Pranava Records established itself in the local psytrance party scene. With lots of DJs and production artists from Germany, Brazil and other nations a new chapter began. Pranava Records provides finest psychedelic tunes from the genres Darkpsy, Zenonesque, Dark Prog and Hi-Tech. Send demo-tapes or requests to our Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Pranava.Records/
Niktory Music Niktory Music
2 · RU
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 9 months ago
Niktory Music - digital record label, specializes in uplifting and psy trance music, focusing on the high quality and ideological nature of the music produced. Niktory Music collaborates with other labels and distributors, helping to promote quality music with powerful resources. Niktory Music gathers to its ranks only the best musicians and singers from around the World, offering them a personalized approach to work.
Tera Family Records Tera Family Records
25 · 8 · MX
Latest release 3 years ago
Tera Family Records is headquartered in Mexico City, representing the music producer of Psychedelic Trance "Hatzá Ha" and mechanical engineer "Adrian Alvarez Amador". Carlos Antonio a.k.a. Hatzá Ha concentrated on specializing in the genre of Psychedelic Trance, presenting his new project (Disquera) called "Tera Family Records", whose mission is to promote the psychedelic movement with national, Latin and international exponents.
Psy-Sisters Music Psy-Sisters Music
5 · UK
Dance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 2 years ago
Psy-Sisters Music Ltd is a new multi-genre label derived from UK based global arts female collective ‘Psy-Sisters’. We will be sharing news about our latest releases and artists on this new platform!
999 · 6 · IR
Latest release 4 years ago
Timelapse Records Timelapse Records
1 · IL
Latest release 1 week ago
Welcome to Timelapse Records Psy Trance label Contact info and demos on timelapserecords.info@gmail.com
Time Fusion Time Fusion
1 · DE
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 1 week ago
Since 2006, TimeFusion has been known for its unique trance sounds in the worldwide trance scene, released tracks found their place in the playlists all over the world. Trance is timeless on TimeFusion, not an epoch, not a fixed subgenre. Here, Trance can also be a Trance, whether Progressive or Club-based, Hard or Melodic, Uplifting or Balearic – only according to the sound of the artist. And whatever change the style and will be named “Tr...
Tendance Music Tendance Music
928 · 4 · RS
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Tendance Music is a progressive psytrance label based in Belgrade, Serbia. Created out of love for the sound, the frequency, with a tendency to expand universal good and purity of soul that represents each creation. The idea to expand and promote the quality of unestablished artists of all forms of art created between three good friends; Bosko Danilovic, Ivan Nikita Dujin and Nikola Novakovic moved into the decisive act on January 2014. From...
Occulta Records Occulta Records
7,966 · 15 · IN
Latest release 1 month ago
New Touch Recordings New Touch Recordings
88 · 4 · IR
Trance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 7 years ago
High Quality Music mix & Mastering Ghost + Products Production Services Music Them & Templates Founded by Amir Farhoodi
4 · FR
Latest release 1 month ago
GOAPSYRECORDS is a French label created in 2016, Artists : ABLASS, CODEXA, TERA AMATA, VIRTUAL SUN, Z-KREL
Antu Records Antu Records
35,913 · 18 · CL
Latest release 2 months ago
Psy Trance label from Chile
Critical Overload Critical Overload
9 · AU
Latest release 1 month ago
Critical Overload is the third trance installment of the Komplex Sounds (KSX) electronic music label group, delivering Psy-Trance and the emerging XOver Psy-Trance genres to the faithful trance purist. Artists on the label include: Coming Soon, Vertical Mode, Nick Sentience, Sebastian Brandt, Nick Callaghan, Lisa Lashes, Will Atkinson, Autocinema (Jonathan Carvajal), Second Sine, Chris Voro, Elxis (Active Limbic System), Changes, Ikerya Proj...
4AllRecords 4AllRecords
9,383 · 21 · BR
Psy-Trance, Techno
Latest release 2 months ago
Digital label from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that releases tracks of different styles of the e-music, with artists from Brazil and around the world. If the music is good, independent of the style, we release it!
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