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Orgnc Records Orgnc Records
3 · UK
Deep House, Progressive House
Latest release no info
Downtempo Organic Melodic House Music. From the 1980 Recordings label group. A+R - Dan McKie.
Honour Records Honour Records
3 · NL
Progressive House, Psy-Trance
Latest release no info
Technolife Technolife
229 · 11 · US
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release no info
Animal Sound Records Animal Sound Records
6 · AR
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release no info
Record label and independent producer of electronic music based in Argentina (Buenos Aires) founded in 2005 by DJ Damian Sarandeses, German Sullivan and Fabio del Rio. Created with the idea of ​​publicizing the electronic music of Argentine DJs and Producers, we invite you to join us by sending us your track and if we like it and think it has potential, we will give you the initial push so you can enter the world of Electronic Music Production.
RAX Remix RAX Remix
1,758 · 5 · IN
Progressive House, Tech House
Latest release no info
RAX Remix is a sublabel of RAX Label.
X-Static Records X-Static Records
13 · 5 · US
House, Progressive House
Latest release no info
As the original label that launched back in 2003, we have revived X-Static Records as our flagship label to release House, Progressive House, and select Drum n Bass tunes. We are primarily operating out of Las Vegas but also have offices in Miami. Be sure to keep an ear out for our upcoming releases on X-Static Records.
Themis Records Themis Records
8 · US
House, Progressive House
Latest release no info
The Revelations Records The Revelations Record...
11 · 7 · RU
Progressive House, Future House
Latest release no info
We are open for new artists. We will be selling your music around the world on different digital platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube, etc. Our A&R Managers will be promoting your releases and will always stay in touch with you. Our label pays attention to the sound quality of the track, but even more to the musical idea and originality. Our sound producers will help raise the qua...
4 · NL
Progressive House, Dance
Latest release no info
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