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Catchfire Records Catchfire Records
10,731 · 9 · DE
Deep House, Indie Dance
Latest release 8 months ago
Catchfire release electronic and independent quality music. The company is operating as record label and management. They are fully integrated to support new and talented artists.
Nurvous Records Nurvous Records
39 · US
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 1 year ago
The Producers of Tomorrow ... Today
Molotov21 Molotov21
6 · BR
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 7 months ago
Rising from the paradise city of Rio de Janeiro, Molotov21 has come with fire and intensity to develop some of the hottest tunes on the game. Always looking forward to the future but never forgetting the roots in the past.
Sariton Records Sariton Records
8 · 6 · DE
Electronica, Indie Dance
Latest release 8 months ago
Sariton Records is an independent record label for electronic music founded 2014 by Berlin-based producer Cem Sari. It is primarily his musical outlet but also focussing debut releases of yet undiscovered artists. The aim is to create and promote genuine and fresh electronic dance music but also to mix eclectic styles and imaginaries. As nearest genres Electronica and Indie Disco can be named. Nevertheless, Sariton Records is feeling absolut...
Space Factory Space Factory
7 · FR
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 9 months ago
Tobus Limited Tobus Limited
2,858 · 4 · UK
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 7 months ago
Label by Sammy W & Alex E Date Established: 2012
About Disco Records About Disco Records
9 · BR
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 11 months ago
About Disco Records is a Brazilian label with Disco Music essence. The label was founded in 2014 by Rafael Cancian and it releases many other artists. Several of its productions have been sold and downloaded in more than 50 countries in Europe, South America, Central America, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It has been supported by some of the biggest names in the scene.
Cap & Beard Cap & Beard
4 · RU
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 7 months ago
Cap & Beard Records is an independent house music label from Southern Russia, co-owned by DaSmokin’Frogz and Nastia Uvarova, concentrating on groovy house music from tech and deep sound to g-house and indie dance. Cap & Beard Family consists of artists from Rostov-on-Don including DaSmokin’Frogz, 2night & 2907, Archysolo (#dupodcast crew)
Animal Language Animal Language
5 · NL
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 9 months ago
Animal Langauge is the label nurtured by Dutch DJ/producer Mason
Young Society Records Young Society Records
890 · 4 · DE
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 8 months ago
Young Society Records >>> Electronica, Indie Dance, Nu Disco... Young Society Neon Edition >>> Techno, Detroit... Society 3.0 Recordings >>> House, Deep House, Acid House, Chicago House... YSR Demo: http://youngsocietyrecords.label-engine.com/demos YSNE Demo: http://youngsocietyneonedition.label-engine.com/demos
Native Wolf Records Native Wolf Records
356 · 4 · UK
Indie Dance, Techno
Latest release 8 months ago
Born in London, 2015, but based in Belo Horizonte - Brazil, Native Wolf Records is a House Music label that brings from the Deep to the Tech house music styles and influences in a specifically way. Founded by SmoKINGhouse (Felipe da Cunha) and Under Sense (Nill M. Donado), the label has their own original productions with artists, singers and musicians from around the world, making a unic mix of cultures. Seeing that the Electronic Dance Music is...
Radon Recordings Radon Recordings
3,360 · 16 · CA
Pop, Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
We are a family of amazing producers, staff, fans and everything in between. We strive to bring you high quality electronic music, while giving producers a platform to release music on. Join our Discord server for updates, news, and to hang out: discordapp.com/invite/jV4aQRh Follow the Radon Recordings Spotify playlists Top Picks 2018: goo.gl/rSSFNH Artist Spotlight: goo.gl/ym8HH1 2018 Discography: goo.gl/8ngYsj
Citizen Records Citizen Records
8 · FR
Indie Dance
Latest release 1 year ago
Citizen Records was created in 2001 by the French electro producer Vitalic as a laboratory for dirty, bastard electro. Its motto is "Fresh Blood Only".
So Track Boa So Track Boa
168,640 · 36 · BR
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 2 years ago
O Só Track Boa é um núcleo voltado para a música eletrônica que busca oferecer conteúdo, novidades e incentivar a troca de informações desse universo musical.
Youth Control Youth Control
2,671 · 2 · FI
Indie Dance, Nu Disco
Latest release 7 months ago
We make events, music and culture. We’re not your usual soundtrack. We’re not your usual night out. We’re not your usual safe choice. We are Youth Control. @TJH87 @Roisto @DJSmok @DiscoDespair contact hello@youthcontrol.com
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