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2,933 · 64 · UK
Dance, Electronica
Latest release 6 days ago
The influential 4AD label was started in 1980 by music enthusiasts Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent with financial help from Beggars Banquet, whose record store chain the pair worked for.
Sulino records Sulino records
2,823 · 23 · PL
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 1 month ago
Sulino is Polish techno record label. The main idea of label to give the optimistic future to the artist. Label performed for the artist who producing and looking for label which helps to make releases without no rules and laws in techno sound.
Mute Records Mute Records
67 · UK
Latest release 1 week ago
www.mute.com Mute was founded by Daniel Miller in 1978, and since then has signed and developed some of the world’s most influential recording artists – including Goldfrapp, Liars, Moby, M83, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Laibach, Yeasayer and Richard Hawley – and become home to a crop of emerging talent and recent signings such as Cold Specks, Polly Scattergood, Big Deal, Beth Jeans Houghton, Josh T. Pearson and Apparat....
Ghost Recordz International Ghost Recordz Internat...
5 · BE
House, Electronica
Latest release 1 week ago
Ghost Recordz International Uninc. is a European independent record label since 2019 with an unincorporated structure and a non-profit vision. Our record label is known for collaborations with Epic Games, AZ Rivierenland, SuperJump and One.com, and is part of one of the biggest demo drop platforms: LabelRadar. Over the years, Ghost Recordz has grown strongly internationally, with nowadays website visitors from more than 40 countries. In 202...
Fokuz Recordings Fokuz Recordings
25,141 · 21 · NL
Latest release 4 days ago
Fokuz Recordings & FKZ:LTD. Soulful drum & bass from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Powered by @triplevisionnl.
Relicta Aeternum Relicta Aeternum
16 · 10 · RU
Electronica, Deep House
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Relicta Aeternum was founded on March 6, 2017, our main goal is the release and promotion of really interesting music.
Space Textures Space Textures
110 · 12 · UK
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 1 month ago
Glasgow based Space Music record label delivering underground electronica in digital and vinyl mediums.
Music UK Music UK
204 · 9 · UK
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Music UK Label - UK Based Multi-Genre Label Label social media links: https://musicuklabel.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/MusicUKLabel/ https://www.instagram.com/musicuklabel/ https://www.beatport.com/label/music-uk/75182 https://soundcloud.com/musicuklabel https://twitter.com/MusicUKLabel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj59-kORLOAIvBgcLAmgQww?view_as=subscriber
Divisong Music Group Divisong Music Group
16 · 17 · EC
Electronica, Pop
Latest release 1 month ago
Divisong Music Group is an independent record label and publisher. We release music from artists and labels in different fields, electronic, pop and urban music.
Spaceal Orbeats Spaceal Orbeats
445 · 8 · UK
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 days ago
From 2011 and on, with one destination, exploring new boundaries and frontiers Contact email @ ov3rblast@gmail.com .
Crispy Crust Records Crispy Crust Records
11,448 · 13 · DE
Latest release 4 days ago
Crispy Crust Records is a Munich based independent record label focused on delicious music from artists across all genres. For us, sound is like food: savoury, nourishing and spicy. Anyways, you need it to survive. Our HQs are the cuisine where all the flavours come together to form the perfect menu your ears have been craving all your life. With the Drunken Masters and ESKEI83 at its front, Crispy Crust is all set to deliver nothing but fresh so...
Freshly Squeezed Music Freshly Squeezed Music
21,009 · 13 · UK
Electronica, Pop
Latest release 4 days ago
FRESHLY SQUEEZED is an independent British record label and music publisher based in Brighton and started in 2005. “World leaders in putting a modern dance music spin on vintage records” (said Mixmag), we are the label behind the award-winning compilation series, night club and live event WHITE MINK – “Electro swings first landmark moment” – and ground-breaking brands like ELECTRO BLUES or VINTAGE REMIX. We have released music and compilations...
Ethereal Future Music Ethereal Future Music
1,226 · 10 · TR
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 1 month ago
Harabe Lab Harabe Lab
321 · 1 · TR
Downtempo, Electronica
Latest release 4 days ago
LIKE Records LIKE Records
956 · 14 · DE
Electronica, Minimal
Latest release 2 months ago
LIKE records – Doing our thing since 2009.
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