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Hotflush Recordings Hotflush Recordings
198,574 · 164 · UK
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 days from now
Hotflush is a record label launched by Paul Rose aka Scuba in 2003. Its early period was spent as a central part of London's Bass Music scene which exploded in the mid 2000s, although the label has always been difficult to pigeonhole musically and recent output has focused on Techno and House.
R&S Records R&S Records
81,285 · 117 · BE
Latest release 2 weeks from now
R&S Records is an independent record label. Founded in 1984 in Ghent, Belgium.
Needwant Needwant
50 · UK
Latest release 3 days from now
Musical happenings that find you.
Atomnation Atomnation
17,592 · 49 · NL
Latest release 3 days from now
Atomnation is an Amsterdam based electronica label.
Vialocal Recordings Vialocal Recordings
1,841 · 11 · IT
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 weeks from now
The New York City subway lines that run through Manhattan inspired the Vialocal name. At any subway stop in Manhattan, one can find the sign “via Local” written above the local train track. The local subway trains, as opposed to the “Express” trains, stop at each and every subway stop in New York City. The choice of that specific name, than, is not random. The “via Local” subway cars in themselves are all small theatres of the most spectacular...
10 · UK
Electronica, Progressive House
Latest release 1 week from now
ASTIR - A place where the artists could build a community; a place of shared ideas and off the cuff collaborations. A place where the art of music would not be lost, giving way to mass media marketing and watering down of ideas for mass consumer consumption. A record label you can once again trust to weed out the mediocre and deliver time and again GREAT music. A label by DJs, for DJs and the music-loving public.
Eternalism Eternalism
154 · 10 · HU
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 1 week from now
We are looking for new talents! Demos: eternalismmusic@gmail.com Underground electronic music label based in Hungary, founded in 2018. We are focusing on melodic house & techno, progressive house, techno, deep house, electronica. We are also organising label events. Our releases supported by Richie Hawtin, Pete Bidwell, Peter Makto, Paul Hazendonk, Soul Button, Martin Merkel, Cheric, Alex Nemec, Tjerk Coers, Thorsten Kriebus, Max Graham,...
9 · DE
Electronica, Pop
Latest release 1 week from now
Brand-new imprint for dance-pop music, distributed by The Orchard / Sony Music. Today the umbrella group SWUTCH music GmbH with their constantly growing family of several labels (RUN DBN, RUN DEEP, RUN FREE, ONZE, RNFR, INFERIAE, CHANGE YOUR MIND, LEYK) and a back catalogue of 2K+ tracks is one of Germany's fastest-growing independent labels for electronic music.
Black Bore records Black Bore records
910 · 27 · IT
Techno, Electronica
Latest release 3 days ago
Black Bore records is a label of the latest generation Techno & Dark Techno style Black Bore is a Italian label created to promote the music of young artists in the largest music stores worldwide.
NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) NCS (NoCopyrightSounds...
1,385,936 · 222 · UK
Latest release 3 days ago
NoCopyrightSounds is a record label dedicated to releasing FREE music for the sole purpose of providing YouTubers/Video Creaters music which is safe from any copyright issues. We give everyone permission to use the music we release (even commercially) on their YouTube videos or any other media creation. The only requirement is that you must correctly attribute (credit) the artist and provide a link to the video on NCS of the track you have used.
Be Your Own Studio Label Be Your Own Studio Lab...
315 · 8 · ES
Latest release 1 week from now
Be Your Own Studio Label is an emotional electronic music label founded in 2020 by music composer and producer Nau Leone. The label mission is to give visibility to an electronic music branch without prejudice, where shapes, genres or categories are not as decisive as content. Be Your Own Studio Label focuses on the root of the music: the emotions. Visual art and image plays an essential role in this idea. This label is committed to a sensi...
Infinite Machine Infinite Machine
12,397 · 24 · MX
Latest release 3 days from now
Record Label based in Mexico City. Founded in Montréal, Est. 2011. Infinite Machine Showcases: EU: mateusz@disk-agency.de Americas: andres@surefireagency.com
Earthly Delights Earthly Delights
7,542 · 22 · IT
Electronica, Deep House
Latest release 1 week from now
The Label of Earthly Delights. Uniting artists from across the globe, we believe in creating culturally diverse soundscapes, which capture ethnically rich musical inspirations; from driving rhythms and hypnotic percussion to enchanting melodies and often spellbinding vocals… We believe in pushing the boundaries of genres and hope to entrance the listeners and dancefloors with multiplicity of sounds.
Ninja Tune Ninja Tune
5,508,562 · 197 · UK
Latest release 3 days ago
Ninja Tune is an independent record label based in London, England, created in 1990 by the duo known as Coldcut: pioneers of the emerging hip-hop/electro scene in the eighties. Inspired by a visit to Japan, Matt Black & Jonathon More primarily created Ninja Tune to release music of a more underground, experimental nature, free from the restraints placed on artists by major labels (the restraints they themselves experienced during brief stints wit...
dtlrecords dtlrecords
1,949 · 21 · US
Tech House, Electronica
Latest release 7 hours ago
Record label for techno, House & more.
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