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trackIDpls trackIDpls
410 · 2 · DE
Techno, Breaks
Latest release 1 month ago
Record label from Kassel, Germany. At the meta level, generalizations and general structures of the object of the underlying structure are usually made objects.
Subkultur Subkultur
224 · 23 · DE
Techno, Breaks
Latest release 1 year ago
Subkultur is a Record Label, independent Publishing Company & Multimedia Art Studio based in Berlin. Our sonic spectrum surrounding underground techno, hypnotic wave, industrial rhythmic, offbeat, harsh noise, power electronics & cutting-edge experimental electronic music. We seeking all time new talents, feel free to send us your demos! E-mail: hello@subkulturrecords.com Phone: +49 176 67847442 LabelCode: 57960 Worldwide Distributio...
Machine Voice Label Machine Voice Label
28 · 11 · RU
Drum & Bass, Breaks
Latest release 11 months ago
Young sub label aimed at the implementation of quality music of the genre Drum & Bass and Break Beat. One of the main goals of the label is the promotion of musicians and their creativity. The music produced by the label can appeal not only to fans of Drum & Bass and Break Beat, but also to DJs who can use it for their professional purposes.
Fly By Night Recordings Fly By Night Recording...
4 · UK
Electronica, Breaks
Latest release 6 months ago
The Rong The Rong
110 · 8 · ID
Breaks, House
Latest release 1 year ago
Yeah Man Records Yeah Man Records
3 · UK
Electro House, Breaks
Latest release 1 week ago
Yeah man records is a friendly digital label that has worked with some stars in the electro house scene, also in the breakbeat scene etc if you have any demos you would like to send or your a new producer, don¬t hold back.send over. we always check out music demos and get back with comments
Strongs Records Strongs Records
6 · ES
Breaks, Glitch Hop
Latest release 3 weeks ago
Rune Recordings Rune Recordings
4,993 · 8 · UA
Latest release 3 weeks ago
◉ RUNE recordings is the Ukrainian/American image digital label, working in such styles of electronic music as psy-breaks, nuskool breaks, atmospheric & progressive breaks. ◉ The main goal of label is releasing of high quality music and satisfying the tastes of the Listeners. The label sticks to modern trends of breaks music and also wants to give the style their recognizable accent. ◉ Idea and concept of RUNE are in the profound sound of...
Digital Paradox Records Digital Paradox Record...
570 · 2 · CZ
Breaks, Chill Out
Latest release 2 weeks ago
Digital Paradox Records is focused on electronic music. Music for body and soul. We release a variety of styles, it doesn´t matter if straight or broken beats, up or down tempo. The focus lies on the beat, groove and sound manipulations. In our catalogue you can find all kinds of House, Electro, Breakbeat and Chillout music. The founder and owner of DP records is Tomas Szabo aka DJ Sabiani. He decided to release his own tracks and remixes and of...
Somewhere Out There Somewhere Out There
5 · RU
Drum & Bass, Breaks
Latest release 1 month ago
Welcome to the Ulysse Records group - a digital label group of modern electronic music. Ulysse RECORDS started in December’ 2010... and now ULYSSE is a biggest club music label in Russia and all CIS, and one of the biggest labels in Eastern Europe. There are 4 labels in label groupe: ULYSSE (house\trance label), TRANSORICA (trance) , SOME WHERE OUT THERE (dnb-dubstep-techno label), AIRSON (rock label). We publish more than 700 artists from all ov...
Welcome Music Welcome Music
1,200 · 5 · RU
Progressive House, Breaks
Latest release 1 month ago
«Welcome Music» is record label from Russia, founded by Arseniy Somotov (a.k.a. Digital Department) and Igor Kordyukov in January 2014. «Welcome Music» is an evolution project from «Welcome Music Promo Group». More than 60 different parties with popular musicians/DJs/producers from Europe and Russia have been organized for the last 8 years. We are currently preparing for the release of original works and remixes by a wide range of artists from ar...
Low Pitched Records Low Pitched Records
5,151 · 5 · UK
Latest release 1 month ago
Low Pitched Records UK based breakes label.
Anarchy In The Funk Anarchy In The Funk
918 · 6 · BR
Breaks, Drum & Bass
Latest release 2 months ago
Please direct all demo submissions or questions to: anarchyinthefunk@gmail.com We are always looking for new talent!
Funky Flavor Music Funky Flavor Music
3,697 · 2 · US
Latest release 1 month ago
Funky Flavor Music Is an Orlando Florida based breakbeat label Forming in early 2015, Funky Flavor Music has already began to aggressively market and push the label bringing artists from all over the globe to join forces with the Florida funk!! FUNKY Flavor & Funky Flavor Music Concept / Owned & Operated By: Scotty Fraser (Events, Public Relations, Artist mgmt & Booking) & Timothy Barnard (Content Artist, DJ, Technical and IT manager)with Renato...
10,685 · 13 · US
House, Breaks
Latest release 6 months ago
the Darker side of electronic music.
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