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Seta Label Seta Label
2,684 · 5 · SK
Deep House
Latest release 15 hours from now
Seta Label was founded in 2008 Slovak DJs and producers named Funkatron. Initially, the label was mainly focused on techno and minimal. After Chris Florio and Keče (Sensoreal) took over the leadership in 2010, the label has been gradually transformed into its present form and deep house and tech house started to play the leading role. Nevertheless, also other subgenres of electronic club music can be occasionally heard among the releases. Apart...
Asra Records Asra Records
10,790 · 21 · SK
Techno, Progressive House
Latest release 1 week ago
Bryndák Records Bryndák Records
12 · 10 · SK
Pop, Dance
Latest release 3 months ago
The main purpose of our company Bryndák Records, Ltd. is to search for and support talented DJ producers, singers and artists working in different music genres such as Pop, Dance, House, Trance anf Chill Out. Our record label, called Bryndák Records, Ltd. started its activity on January 19, 2019 and is located in the heart of Europe in Slovakia. The people who make up our company Bryndák Records, Ltd. are top professionals in the field....
Neptuun City Neptuun City
3,187 · 15 · SK
Tech House, House
Latest release 8 months ago
Neptuun City is a classic Tech Funk label from PHNTM. Founded in 2011, Neptuun City provided the scenery for techy funk beats from Techno to Tech House and House for many top artists including: Agent Orange, Andrew Meller, AndReew, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., BiohazArt, Bryan Cox, Criminish, Duca, Durtysoxxx, Eddie Amador, Egoism, Elay Lazutkin, Fer BR, Filterheadz, Grasso & Maxim, Hazzaro, Hertz, Joe Red, Joey Avila, JJ Mullor, Lexlay, Lutzenki...
Transfiguration Recordings Transfiguration Record...
571 · 6 · SK
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 6 days ago
Transfiguration Recordings was founded in 2017. It's a label focused on Tech-House, Hardgroove, Tribal and Funky Techno. The purpose of this label is to bring all techno listeners high quality techno music into digital and vinyl stores. We load up your head with quality dance sound not with lullabies for big kids!!!
Damolh Records Damolh Records
258 · 3 · SK
Latest release 5 days ago
Damolh Records: Dark Minimal, Techno Experimental.
Drask Drask
71 · 6 · SK
Latest release 3 years ago
SoftSet Records SoftSet Records
208 · 2 · SK
Latest release 1 year ago
Send your demos on email : softsetrec@gmail.com
Saturate Audio Saturate Audio
2,874 · 11 · SK
Progressive House
Latest release 3 years ago
Saturate Audio is a record label owned and managed by Basil O'Glue and Styller. Well known for their unique progressive sound, Basil and Styller joined forces to create a new label oriented to deep yet still groovy music. Saturate Audio already has a roster filled with known and popular producers alongside with some young and promising talents.
Rawr Records Rawr Records
3 · SK
Hard Dance
Latest release 2 years ago
If you have any requests or queries please send them to info@rawrrecords.com, if your a talented hardstyle producer we’d like to hear from you, we are looking for hard driving music. Send your demos to info@rawrrecords.com with subject as “DEMO” and tell us a bit about yourself along with your demo.
Semitrance Records Semitrance Records
6,940 · 5 · SK
Latest release 6 years ago
Semitrance Records is one step ahead in the world of dance music and is the leading independent electronic label.
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