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Digital Om Digital Om
30,910 · 22 · IN
Latest release 5 days from now
OM or AUM is a sound, considered the original primordial creative expression, from which the universe manifested itself. It is said to be the sound that contains all the vibrations & sound scape. We live in a Digital Era, which is our present, it is also the way of our future. All technology works on digital encoding, signaling & programmes . Psychedelic Music is also made using softwares, digital programs & hardware that work on digital signa...
Karma HQ Releases Karma HQ Releases
139 · 21 · IN
Hard Dance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 4 days ago
Karma HQ Releases as a Record Label Began the Journey From India with the Purpose to Deliver The Best Musics To The World with High Quality Releases! 2017 was the Year when it Officially set out for this Mission. The Supply of Great music genres like Hardstyle, Hard House, Psychedelic Trance, Electro House , Ambient and others with Cinematic Vibes is in focus of Karma HQ Releases. Karma HQ Releases also Focus with Other Genres as in HipHop/R&b &...
Juicebox Music Juicebox Music
7,088 · 26 · IN
Progressive House, Tech House
Latest release 1 week ago
Juicebox Music, founded by Praveen Achary, is a Progressive House / Techno / Deep House record label based in Bangalore (India)
Differed Records Differed Records
92 · 2 · IN
Latest release 2 days from now
Mixing soul & music! Bangalore based record label distributing the underground sound to those in the know.
Qilla Records Qilla Records
4,380 · 39 · IN
Techno, Deep House
Latest release 3 weeks ago
An endless array of alternate realms. Qilla is an anomaly, towering hundreds of feet above the surrounding flat land that stretches as far as the eye can see. In each cardinal direction stand bastions, with a vantage point to observe unfamiliar and new movements from miles away. The massive stone walls possess intricate art work, painstakingly constructed by skilled craftsmen. Inside the fort are chambers for every mood and every state...
CPYTIC Records CPYTIC Records
25,923 · 35 · IN
House, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 month ago
Welcome to CPYTIC Records. We are a rising label located in India. Supporting upcoming talents is our ulterior. Why Cpytic when I can self-promote? Well, having a record label promote your track changes a lot. If you want to feature your track, say on: radio. Then you might have hard time without a record label by your side. We will try our prime to promote your music to the world. Want Your track to be Mastered and Mix by pro? Want Ghost...
Talent Studio Rcrds Talent Studio Rcrds
11,663 · 26 · IN
Progressive House, Trance
Latest release 1 month ago
Talent Studio RCRDS is founded in 2017, which new artist , Big artist, and unknown artist to signed and get platform to the stage of Dance Music. Future is for Talents.
Lohit Records Lohit Records
362 · 22 · IN
Techno, House
Latest release 1 month ago
Lohit Records is one of the India's leading dance record labels.releasing fresh high quality electronic dance music.
13 · 4 · IN
House, Future Bass
Latest release 2 weeks ago
AM - Discovering Underrated Artists WELCOME! The Future of Music Is Here As an established Record Label, APOORVA MUSIC has been keeping up with the changes in the industry. Not only does this talented label work with the brightest musical talents around, but they also offer amazing opportunities to their artists without taking any charge from them. Our aim is to release artist's music for free so that they get chance to promote their ama...
Play Life Records Play Life Records
1,676 · 35 · IN
Progressive House, Big Room
Latest release 7 months ago
DJ NYK, extends his hand out, in an effort to support the homegrown EDM talent and presents the Play Life Record Label. This comes with an intention to provide adequate support and stepping platform to the upcoming stars of the Indian EDM scene. With a strong credibility of World recognition DJ NYK brings forth a new horizon of exposure that can be slingshot in to fame only with the backing of fans and fellow artists on home ground. Play Life Rec...
Jumblebass Records Jumblebass Records
335 · 8 · IN
Trap, Dubstep
Latest release 2 months ago
Here at LabelBase, we include demo's for our Jumblebass Records Group. Feel free to submit the asked genres.
Flash Beam Records Flash Beam Records
6,471,138 · 32 · IN
Dubstep, Chill Out
Latest release 11 months ago
An indepedent record label. It was founded by EDM Producer & Dj "Xenokrypt" and his team in 2019.
Morph Records Morph Records
1,924 · 22 · IN
Electronica, Drum & Bass
Latest release 8 months ago
Giving aspiring smaller artists their first step in the world scene. We like many genres and are generally open to everything, but at Morph we concentrate on electronic music with well-written melodies, heavy beats and nice drops, which should cover quite a large spectrum of styles.
Wonderwall Records Wonderwall Records
6 · IN
Dance, Indie Dance
Latest release 2 months ago
Send your demos to wndrwllrcrds@gmx.com All types of music genres are accepted.
Soupherb Records Soupherb Records
5,391 · 14 · IN
Latest release 1 week ago
Soupherb Records an imprint of Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma aka Calm Chor, co-founders of the erstwhile Jalebee Cartel. Over the past 3 years, the label has proven to be an international platform for forward thinking and experimental music producers. Bringing together genres like Techno, Minimal, House and their sub genres is what has led to Soupherb collaborations taking artists across the globe and hosting tours both within Asia and Europe....
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