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Talent Studio Rcrds Talent Studio Rcrds
11,663 · 38 · IN
Progressive House, Dance
Latest release 4 days ago
Worldwide independent record label founded in 2017. With numerous number of new artists such as Summerjack, Ay-mill, Gorbunoff, Emanul and Derinto, Talent Studio is currently recognised as the new dance label in the world serving both the commercial and underground market. Future is for Talents
Music High Court Music High Court
15,855 · 77 · IN
Dubstep, Future Bass
Latest release 10 months ago
Electronic music Record Label, Tastemaker and Live Experience brand pushing and showcasing emerging sounds & artists to help people discover fresh music worth their attention. Stream all our releases here: open.spotify.com/playlist/4CeFLCI04v3BLmWpQiayjw
Qilla Records Qilla Records
4,559 · 56 · IN
Techno, Deep House
Latest release 9 months ago
An endless array of alternate realms. Qilla is an anomaly, towering hundreds of feet above the surrounding flat land that stretches as far as the eye can see. In each cardinal direction stand bastions, with a vantage point to observe unfamiliar and new movements from miles away. The massive stone walls possess intricate art work, painstakingly constructed by skilled craftsmen. Inside the fort are chambers for every mood and every state...
Juicebox Music Juicebox Music
7,746 · 54 · IN
Progressive House, Tech House
Latest release 11 months ago
Juicebox Music, founded by Praveen Achary, is a Progressive House / Techno / Deep House record label based in Bangalore (India)
Lohit Records Lohit Records
369 · 25 · IN
Techno, House
Latest release 10 months ago
Lohit Records is one of the India's leading dance record labels.releasing fresh high quality electronic dance music.
Karma HQ Releases Karma HQ Releases
143 · 25 · IN
Hard Dance, Psy-Trance
Latest release 1 year ago
Karma HQ Releases as a Record Label Began the Journey From India with the Purpose to Deliver The Best Musics To The World with High Quality Releases! 2017 was the Year when it Officially set out for this Mission. The Supply of Great music genres like Hardstyle, Hard House, Psychedelic Trance, Electro House , Ambient and others with Cinematic Vibes is in focus of Karma HQ Releases. Karma HQ Releases also Focus with Other Genres as in HipHop/R&b &...
White Line Music White Line Music
331 · 11 · IN
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 10 months ago
A record label dedicated to quality Electronic Music run by 18 East
CPYTIC Records CPYTIC Records
25,928 · 40 · IN
House, Hip-Hop
Latest release 3 years ago
Welcome to CPYTIC Records. We are a rising label located in India. Supporting upcoming talents is our ulterior. Why Cpytic when I can self-promote? Well, having a record label promote your track changes a lot. If you want to feature your track, say on: radio. Then you might have hard time without a record label by your side. We will try our prime to promote your music to the world. Want Your track to be Mastered and Mix by pro? Want Ghost...
Play Life Records Play Life Records
1,746 · 38 · IN
Progressive House, Big Room
Latest release 3 years ago
DJ NYK, extends his hand out, in an effort to support the homegrown EDM talent and presents the Play Life Record Label. This comes with an intention to provide adequate support and stepping platform to the upcoming stars of the Indian EDM scene. With a strong credibility of World recognition DJ NYK brings forth a new horizon of exposure that can be slingshot in to fame only with the backing of fans and fellow artists on home ground. Play Life Rec...
Flash Beam Records Flash Beam Records
6,471,138 · 36 · IN
Dubstep, Chill Out
Latest release 4 years ago
An indepedent record label. It was founded by EDM Producer & Dj "Xenokrypt" and his team in 2019.
2511 Records 2511 Records
17 · 13 · IN
Dance, Big Room
Latest release 1 year ago
2511 Records is an independent label founded and owned by Jayant Sharma. We release and support every genre.
WLM Hard WLM Hard
122 · 5 · IN
Techno, Hard Techno
Latest release 9 months ago
Hard from White Line Music
Sinus Media Sinus Media
6 · 8 · IN
Pop, Hip-Hop
Latest release 1 year ago
SINUS MEDIA! We're a music production, distribution, and marketing company dedicated to creating, promoting, and distributing the best music to fans worldwide. Our mission is to support and showcase talented artists and their music through a range of services including recording, publishing, and marketing. At SINUS MEDIA, we're committed to delivering high-quality music that entertains, inspires, and connects people from all walks of life. Subscr...
DVNSH Recordings DVNSH Recordings
5 · IN
Progressive House, Dance
Latest release 10 months ago
DVNSH Recordings is an Indian Independent Record Label founded by DJ Sash K (also Known as Sushil Kumar).
RAX Label RAX Label
1,731 · 8 · IN
Electronica, Tech House
Latest release 1 year ago
RAX Label is an independent record label founded on 26 September 2019 by Music Producer ROYANT, which is specified in the subgenre Tech House, Future House, and Deep House or any music.
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