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USM Recordings USM Recordings
328 · 5 · GR
Techno, Deep House
Latest release 3 years ago
USM Recordings is an electronic music label under the platform of UrbanStyleMag. Focusing on electronic music, USM recordings will present artists from all around the globe.
Evolution Evolution
1,449 · 14 · GR
Latest release 7 years ago
Evolution Productions is based in Athens and organizes events Worldwide!
Comunicå Comunicå
253 · 5 · GR
House, Techno
Latest release 4 years ago
Rooted in House 2 Techno. Home of Comunica Records. We are a community, a movement of expressing awe-inspiring feelings in music.A place where art, creativity and passions flourish.A proper ground to enroll, expand, inspire and release. Comunicå's sui generis sound, versatility and style, growing tremendously day by day, refining our abilities to produce world class house and techno manifests. We are constantly striving to go above and b...
Sabotage Records Sabotage Records
8,285 · 11 · GR
Latest release 7 years ago
Sabotage is a Techno label run by Christian Cambas in cooperation with Press & Play.
Space Limited Recordings Space Limited Recordin...
58 · 5 · GR
Latest release 5 years ago
● Space Limited is a Digital / Vinyl label based in Athens. It was created by Space with the intention to bring the world their own vision of the Electronic music. ● We are not accepting demos at this time.
Senpai Records Senpai Records
1,773 · 7 · GR
Big Room, Electro House
Latest release 6 years ago
Welcome to Senpai Records, your Senpai to your Success. Formed in 2016 by 2 brothers. Focused on delivering high-quality EDM music. We're looking for talented, hard-working & serious EDM producers that they'll be able to show us their passion for music through their tracks. If you believe that you can provide us quality tracks composition-wise & audio-wise in certain deadlines, feel free to send us your demos. - Do NOT miss an update fro...
PFL Records PFL Records
1,015 · 4 · GR
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 5 years ago
PFL is an independent electronic dance music label based in Berlin - Athens ! founded by the people who try to make the meaning of the word UNIQUE as a default music point of view … PFL wishes its releases to be selected one by one , individually…. To develop in every artist and producer caries the same vision PFL Records listens to, discuss on and respects in Every Tune! However…PFL Records Tries To Make and Be A Single Id Tune…
Elektrik Dreams Music Elektrik Dreams Music
3 · GR
Deep House
Latest release 5 years ago
Elektrik Dreams Music Label has been part of the very succefull Athens internet radio under the same name ..also part of the booking and promo agency under the same name We are proud of our work in music business in Greece ..organizing great events with the most popular Dj s and producers in Athens and all around Greece . Working hard ..we have a unique crowd and promo pool following our radio ,events and releases. In our radio you ca...
Eyes Of The Owl Eyes Of The Owl
124 · 2 · GR
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 5 years ago
Eyes Of The Owl Records
Kiss Dance Records Kiss Dance Records
1,816 · 2 · GR
Deep House, Tech House
Latest release 5 years ago
Our purpose is to discover new talented lovers of electronic music and of course to collaborate with a lot of Big names of the electronic scene. Don't hesitate to contact with us. We are waiting for you. KD Records. DEMO POLICY Please send only tracks in line with our style... We guarantee that we will listen to your submission and if your material is promising we will communicate with you as soon as possible. Waiting for your demo trac...
Blacked Out Recordings Blacked Out Recordings
1 · GR
Latest release 4 years ago
OB-8 Records OB-8 Records
66 · 2 · GR
Techno, Tech House
Latest release 6 years ago
OΒ-8 Records is a small independent Record Label based in Athens- Greece. It was created on May 2014 from music producer Harri Agnel and the purpose of the label is to reveal new artists from all over the world. The Music signature of the label is all kinds of electronic scene!
Dusty Dreams Dusty Dreams
39 · 3 · GR
Latest release 8 years ago
Dusty Dreams started as a few ad-hoc events in 2002 and in 2013 developed into a record label. The sound of the label is classed as deep soulful house with a lot of jazz and afro elements. The label's motto is 'Music for your spirit, body and soul', and this is exactly what you get... FOLLOW US: http://soundcloud.com/dustydreams https://hearthis.at/dustydreams http://twitter.com/dusty_dreams http://instagram.com/dustydreams.gr https://www...
Usessions Records Usessions Records
325 · 2 · GR
Progressive House
Latest release 7 years ago
Sugar Faktory Sugar Faktory
3 · GR
Electro House
Latest release 9 years ago
Established in 2013 and based in Greece, Sugar Faktory is the first and only electronic dance music label in the country. Focusing on releasing quality EDM, Sugar Faktory is made possible by talented and emerging producers. Using sugar to spice up your life, Sugar Faktory produces music that fits the inclusive sound of the label, whether that be progressive house, electro house, big room, electro, or other genres of today’s hottest dance music....
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